Sunday, August 29, 2010

Trading Up!

Trading with the tribe: Devil's Cove

The "off day" today was a ton of fun for all of the tribe. The kayaking was awesome, hiking the dunes more difficult than imagined. Our fearless leader had a great ride and watched a baby black bear run across the road in front of them! The town of Florence was invaded by the tribe: great restaurants and shopping! Mo's has pretty good chowder, they claim it is world famous!

I spent the day nursing my wounds and whining. Jack has the patience of a saint to put up with me! We did go into town for lunch and shopping, then spent the afternoon getting ready for dinner. RIB NIGHT! BBQ chicken and ribs, green salad, potatoes, cowboy beans, and dessert assortment, (all that is left in the truck!). The tribe did an amazing job of eating tonight!

A special thank you to Kent for interrupting his dinner to doctor my finger. Well, for looking at my finger and telling me that I'm having an allergic reaction to the bee sting, and yes, I'm being a baby. Waaa. It's taking my attention away from my burned foot!

The tribe had a final camp fire tonight, complete with smores! The pow wow was joined just after dinner by two really cute young men. They approached the tribe with a jar of spaghetti sauce and a mischievous grin. They explained that they were going through camp "trading up". They started with a small bag of chocolate and wanted to see what they could end up with if they traded their way through the camp ground. I was more than happy to participate: I traded a large jar of peanut butter for their sauce. I wonder what they ended up with! What fun.

Tomorrow is a long ride back to the start for this roaming tribe. It was the first ACA tour for many and we hope we will see them again! On that note: NEXT YEARS TOURS HAVE BEEN POSTED!!! The first three supported tours and the van supported tours. Time to start planning for you next ride! Of course there is still space on Farm Fresh this fall! First on the calendar is what is now being billed as the California Kick Off, formerly Winter Warmer. It is a great ride early in the season. The first day is a long climb, but three days in Borrego Springs makes it worth it! You can go back to my first blogs and see what you don't want to miss. Next on the roster is Southern Arizona. There will be some changes in the overnights that will make this fabulous tour even better. Follow this ride with the Hill Country in Texas. A favorite to say the least. So keep on peddling this winter and join us early next year! Jack has signed up for the "border to border" ride in September. Van supported Canadian border to Mexican border along the west coast! There will be more tours to come.....can't wait!

We will be heading home for 4 weeks off. I don't look forward to unloading the truck, but am looking forward to some time at home. Aaron will be heading out next week to ride the coast to meet up with us in California for Farm Fresh. What a great experience for him!

I would love some feed back from our tribes: if you have any ideas for new menu items, if there was something you really loved or even really didn't like! Email me and let me know....and I promise to post the peanut yam recipe this week!

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