Monday, November 8, 2010

2011 Tours

How I am spending my time at home: creating costumes for my puppies! Doesn't Scamp look excited?

It is time to train! 2011 tours were posted last month and it is time to get on the bike and get in shape for 2011! We kick the season off February 26th with the California Kick Start, head on over to Tucson, Arizona for a March 12th Arizona Road Tour and end the early season with the Texas Hill Country beginning on April 9th. You may think it is too early to start's never too early! Hopefully the tours will be filling fast!

If you are considering the trips:

California Kick Start is a good way to start the year. Yes, the first day is a challenge: quite a bit of up. But aren't we all up for a challenge? Good news is the overnight venue has been changed the night in Julian: we will be staying at a lodge! So if the weather is cold at night, as it has been the last couple of years, you will be nice and toasty in a warm room. I am stopping by there next Monday to scope out the lodge, and eat some pie. As I have mentioned before Julian is famous for it's bakeries! Ride day two takes you down a gorgeous ride into the desert and over to Borrgo Springs for a couple of overnights in the beautiful Anza-Borrego Desert State Wilderness Area. A couple of days of warm sunshine, great hiking and riding, carpets of wild flowers and fabulous fresh citrus fruit, then back up to Julian and end back in Chula Vista.

Arizona Road is another great desert ride. We start outside of Tucson at the Cactus Country RV resort and spend the week winding through Patagonia, Tombstone, Bisbee & back. The overnight venue in Tombstone has been changed this year too! Indoor accommodations at a hotel cure the space and cold challange that has persisted on this ride. Bisbee is so eclectic it is worth taking part of the layover day to explore. The great brewery that was just opened last year is a must see, and of course have a beer! And a t-shirt from the Bisbee Bike Brothel is THE souvenier to bring home.

The Texas Hill Country is one of my top favorite rides. Yes, we had a little rain last year, but that's what makes the flowers bloom! You can see pics on last years blog of the wild flowers....hopefully they will be as abundant this year. You can start or end your trip with amazing music and food venues in Austin as well as partake in the local eateries and brew pubs along the way. Two days in Fredericksburg may not be enough time to take in the museums, shops and bakeries as well as a great ride or two: and the riding is great!

I will be working on the food for these rides, as well as my cookbook, this winter. I will keep a couple of the favorites, but hope to add some new and exciting dishes! Suggestions anyone?

The rest of the year is published on the ACA websight and I will fill you all in when we have nailed down where we will be the rest of the year. Until then, Bon Appetit!