Saturday, March 23, 2013

The week that flew by!

Oh my gosh the week in California went fast!  I was not able to write the blog as we did not have internet access but for one day!  So a quick review: we had a great week with great weather and great riders and staff!  Jerry kept us entertained with nightly dance lessons and a talent show the second to last tribe member can do a killer Woody Woodpecker imitation! Joe kept every one safe and sane with his side kick "Spanky".......which by the way is his new nickname!  Bob kept every one rolling along taking care of the bikes and Tammy led a great ride! Our great friend Michelle brought a group of newbies to ACA touring from her bike club....they were a hoot and had a great time!  

After a first long day from Chula Vista the tribe got to relax in beautiful hotel rooms and explore Julian. The second ride day was DOWWWWN the hill and up and over to Borego Springs where the tribe spent  three days riding, hiking, chilling by the pool and eating!  The second to last day was back up and over and UPPPPP to Julian for another night in the hotel.  We had a fun last map meeting and bid everyone goodbye on Friday morning.  Jack and stayed in Julian an extra day and explored town and spent a better part of the afternoon at the Blue Door was a fun time!

After a day off I flew home to work for a week and a half and Jack headed East to spend time with friends and work his way to Texas, where we are now kicking of the Hill Country Tour.  I promise to do a better job of blogging this next week!  If you were on the CA tour, I would love to have you post some of your best memories of the trip!  

Monday, March 18, 2013

6th Grade or Bike Trips?????

That is the question!  Should I stay in the 6th grade or cater the bike trips.....hmmmm.

 Well, tonight I have deduced that the two are the same.  Thank you Jerry for your let's get acquainted, let's get to know everyone's name........let's jump back to the 6th grade.  (To explain, Jerry (ACA staff) led a  group warm up  exercise that was really  a lot of fun and we actually did learn a  lot of names.  I tease him about this because at the summer camps I have worked at, we do the "I'm going on a camping trip and I'm going to bring a.......and each person is required to remember the whole list. " His name game was pretty similar, just with names.

I have spent this winter working in the 6th grade; one on one with an amazing young lady and also with her peers: so it was tough: do I stay in the 6th grade or move on........Jack will tell you that I am stuck in the 6th grade.  So Kaylen, Meggy, Deanna.....I hope that you read this and know how much I miss you.

So...With that all said.....we are off and running on the Spring Fling.  I AM SO HAPPY that ACA moved the trip to a little bit later in the season: we have great weather and no snow and it's above 19*F in the mornings!!!

We began the trip yesterday in Chula Vista...We had a great day of sun and warm weather.The first tribe of the year gathered  together and feasted on a meal of Greek Lemon Chicken, sprouted rice and quinoa, green salad, grilled tomatoes with sautéed onions and mushrooms, and home made cookiees for dessert.    After dinner and Tammy's map meeting everyone turned in for a good nights sleep.  They needed it to face today's ride!

Today was a long......long ride up from Chula Vista to Julian.  At the lunch stop about half of the way through we met up with Pete (who leads tours for ACA) and he was psyched that the rest of the ride wasn't so bad.  Sorry Pete.  Many miles of up and around and up and around.  But it is gorgeous!  And you did all make it!

And you were rewarded with a dinner of curried chicken, peanut yam tofu, rice, sautéed snow peas, spicy cabbage salad,  and of course, Nana's rum cakes.  91 and still baking those rum cakes!

Highlights today for me:  picking up the yummy baked goods that I ordered from the Candy Apple Bakery in Julian.  OH MY GOSH they do an amazing job.  I am so excited to share these with tribe.  Hint: tomorrow's breakfast is chef Charles' apple raisin French Toast.....YUMMMMM

So tomorrow we are on to Borrego Springs for 3 days.....sunny and hot and an opportunity to get some ride time in and maybe a hike or two.....

So if you haven't chosen your ride for this year let me tell you that the Oregon Gorge and the Oregon Coast should be on you must do list.......

Hitting the sack and getting up to prepare that yummy French Toast.........Night all.