Sunday, August 8, 2010

Idaho Family Tour

What can I say about this trip other than: it was great! We really did have a week of family fun!
The trip kicked off on a sunny day at the Community Center in Plummer with a dinner of Teriyaki chicken & peanut yam tofu. Up early the next morning for the ride to Catalgo: a pretty long day for the little campers! There were lots of moose sightings! Everyone made it into camp with a smile! Well, except Scott. He decided to be a hot shot and blew through water and lunch before they were even set up. No water, no food. Not a good recipe for being a happy camper. Tacos for dinner were a hit: these kiddos can sure eat! One hungry camper made off with 12 pieces of watermelon: I wouldn't want to have been in his tent! Maybe that's why he had his own tent...hmmm.

Day two was a short day into Kellogg with a stop for many tribe members at the Snake Pit for Huckleberry ice cream. The afternoon was spent playing at the indoor water slides and pool, trying to stay cool in the heat! Pork chops & Indian vegetable curry were a big hit for dinner: the kiddos have done a good job of enjoying the vegetarian options! Overall, the small tribe members were pretty easy to feed: kids can be a pain with the "I don't likes" and "I only eats", but we didn't have too much of that here!

Day three was a shuttle to ride the Hiawatha Trail. Everyone had a great time and hit the pool as soon as they were back. Scott was kept busy cleaning bikes! A pasta dinner was well recieved for another long day back to Heyburn State Park on day number four! This tribe of kiddos bonded quite well during the week: lots of friendships made & emails exchanged. What did we ever do before cell phones & email? I remember collecting addresses and having pen pals! I still love to write letters and send cards & little treasures I find along the way through the mail! It's so much fun to open the mail box & have a surprise waiting for you!

The last dinner was a big hit: simple but yummy! Nana's BBQ beef (ie: sloppy joe's) on a bun, beef hot dogs, veggie burgers, corn on the cob & salad. My little watermelon guy from night #2 tried to make a meal of just corn, but mom intervened! Tammy & crew did a farewell map meeting followed up with a camp fire & smores: yumm!

This week went by really quickly, I think more than one tribe member didn't want it to end! It is so good to see families spending time together: especially on their bikes! I was impressed by the number of grandparents with their grandchildren. What an amazing experience to share and priceless memories created. There were a couple of campers that were a little hesitant at the beginning of the trip, but they settled in really well and I believe everyone had a great time! Good job Tammy & crew!

Oh yes, speaking of Tammy's crew: Jack and I shared an inside joke with the tribe on the last morning. Once upon a time Tammy mentioned that she like to refer to her staff as her "peeps". We know she did this in a loving, caring manner. The t'shirts Jack & Kevin sported on the last morning were quite a surprise for her! Good job guys!

So: so long mini tribe members! Max, Ella, Liam, Jamison, Bronwyn & friends! It was fun: I will miss making toasted cheese sandwiches for lunch and cringing when you are on your fifth brownie. I hope you ate well and enjoyed your rides! We hope to see you on another tour next year! For us: on to Colorado!

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