Sunday, August 15, 2010

Home and Hot Sauce Heaven

On the trail to Aspen: the tribe getting ready to hit the road the last day.

The last breakfast! Everyone was up and at 'em bright and early to head up the trail to Aspen. Once there they catch a bus back to Silverthorne and then home. I am really looking forward to home. We have been on the road for six weeks! I miss my chickens and garden and dogs and offense tribe members!

The final breakfast was a hash brown scramble with ham, eggs, salsa & cheese. I know that I mentioned earlier that I collect salsas and hot sauces along the way and send them home to my son Matt. It's a tradition I started when he came home from Iraq. He loves hot sauce: you have to be careful if you want to sample his cooking. Matt called one day on this trip to share a funny hot sauce story. It goes like this: I sent him a box of sauces that we picked up on our week off in Colorado. One of the sauces was labeled, "Nucking Futs". It warned that one drop should be used at a time as it is over the edge hot. Matt failed to read the label. He got home from work, tossed together a large taco salad and smothered it in sauce. Those of you that know Matt know that he is not too dainty when he is hungry. After shoveling in a good portion of the salad he suddenly realized that his mouth was on fire, his throat was swelling up! For two days he felt the after affects of the sauce. Montezuma's revenge was how he put it. Read the label, Matt.

We said our goodbyes to a happy tribe. There were many personal accomplishments made on this tour. So, Hillary, Mary, Jan, Catherine and crew, we'll see you on another ride!

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