Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ride Day #2 & More Evil Geese!

Views from our ride: Jamie & Jack: Naughty Teens: the Tribe @ dinner.

The tribe woke to a gorgeous day! Bright sunny skies & the forecast of staying that way all day! Today's ride is back up the switchbacks then 16 miles into Breckenridge and the same back. A couple of concerned tribe members: worried that it is a long day and they won't do so well. They'll do fine! It's a relaxed ride & they have all day.

We dined on a breakfast of yummy veggie scramble & sides of bacon & fresh cantaloupe from the fields (once again) in Boulder. Packed their lunches & sent them off for the day! It's our day to ride, too. 9:45 am and two of the three Naught Teens showed up to work! The third took a sick day. I filled them in on their duties for the day: keep the screaming meanies out of the pop and lemonade and out of our truck and take turns napping.

Jack, Jamie & I hopped on our bikes and headed up to the top of the reservoir. I have not ridden with a youngster in quite awhile and really had to concentrate on not leaving her behind! We headed into Frisco (about 7 miles) to the first water stop for the tribe. On the way in we encountered a flock of Evil Geese. We had made a stop to take a phone call and the Evil Geese were on the field next to us. I assume they are pretty well in tune to the tourists and the tourists' snacks that are tossed to them. Once they spotted us they were on their way over. We ended the phone call & scampered back on our bikes. We headed up the trail with Evil Geese on our wheel....we made our escape.

The trail was REALLY fun to ride: could almost qualify as a roller coaster ride! Up and down and around and around. We passed a really cool beaver lodge and Jamie saw deer. She did a great job riding with us, considering her mountain bike really needs a tune up: it wouldn't shift off of the middle chain ring. She was a trooper to climb the hills stuck in the wrong gear!

We got back to camp and all was well with the Naughty Two. I paid them in cold hard cash and invited them back for dinner. They were all over the making money thing and begged for more work tomorrow. Unfortunately we are moving on tomorrow. Maybe next year.

Tonight's dinner was fish tacos, shrimp quesadillas, cilantro lime coleslaw & all the trimmings, refried beans & spanish rice. The tribe thinks the food just keeps getting better! The quesadillas were yummy. Everyone had a great day and are gearing up for a long day tomorrow.

Tomorrow's ride is up and over Copper Mountain and then Vail Pass. I really want to ride: probably kill myself, but it may be fun!

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