Sunday, August 29, 2010

Broken Truck

We said our goodbyes to the tribe this morning and sent them off for a long day of riding. We loaded up and headed home, or tried to. As soon as Jack started the truck we knew there was a problem. Why, on the last day of a long run of bike tours does the truck have to break? Couldn't it wait one day until we got home? No, it had to break on the day I want to be home. We were able to limp it into Eugene and fortunately were able to get it into Penske to be fixed. Set us back 5 hours, guess it could have been worse! We did make it home and it feels good to be here!

A note of congratulations to Pete for a great tour! This was the first one that he led and he did a great job! We hope that you do this again next year! And, we hope to see all of you tribe members on a tour this next season, if not on Farm Fresh! I WILL let you know what's for dinner in the Napa Valley....if you're there I hope we can share a great bottle of wine.

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