Friday, August 27, 2010

Salmon Burgers

Riding along the coast...sunset on the beach.

I have stumbled upon a new tribe favorite. Salmon Burgers! (This tribe is showing their true ability to consume mass quantities of food: they shall be renamed the flock, seagulls and vultures to be precise!) SALMON BURGERS! I made them from scratch and they loved them. Tonight's dinner was Nana's BBQ beef, salmon burgers, broccoli salad, cucumber and tomato salad and steamed potatoes. The tribe had a stressful day of riding; maybe that's what contributed to the mass consumption that took place.

The scenery along the coast is breath taking to say the least. But for those on bikes it comes with a catch. Narrow shoulders and really big RV's. Many of which are piloted by really inconsiderate drivers. The theme for the day was, let's not be patient with the bicycles. Those tribe members that aren't really comfortable with tight spaces had a rough time. There were no crashes, thankfully, just some stressed out riders. It's a good idea when you do this ride to get out and ride with traffic for awhile and you'll feel much more at ease. Fortunately tomorrow is an off day with an optional ride.

Many riders stopped at the Sea Lion Caves, and most all went into old town Florence for some great clam chowder! After dinner was camp fires and plans for tomorrow. A big group is kayaking the river. Many are heading into town and a few are going to ride. The park we are at is at the edge of the sand dunes. A few brave warriors are going to "hike" the dunes.

Me? I was going to ride. A big, mean, nasty yellow jacket put an end to that. He wanted into my salmon burgers and fought for his space. A really painful sting to my left middle finger was a warning to leave him alone. It has swollen up three times its normal size and hurts like heck. I can't bend it to brake or shift on the bike. :( I'm really grumpy too. We'll see how it is tomorrow.

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