Friday, August 27, 2010

I See All!!!!

By the sea.....LUNCH!

Ok vegetarians. You should know that I am watching you. You all have your individual special needs and I truly do try to accommodate them. I have learned how to prepare vegan, keep the cheese out of your salad, which ones of you will eat eggs, who won't eat pork or beef but chicken and fish is ok(???), actually not cringed, visibly, when all you want for lunch is peanut butter and cheese sandwiches......I have seen it all. I also see when you "CHEAT!!!!" You thought I wasn't looking when you slipped that bacon on your plate. Eating chicken salad for lunch, you feigned innocence : of course you thought it was the best tuna you ever ate. I have had more than one of you, on steak night, give in to the temptation of red meat. "I haven't eaten a steak in 7 years!".
Yeah, right. Kevin, it is a known fact you enjoy a steak a year. But that's ok! It keeps my job interesting and gives me something to laugh about!

Today was a fabulous ride day. 46 miles of up and down along the sea shore. Through Depoe Bay, the smallest harbor in the world, a stop at Devil's Punch Bowl, a visit to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, and onto Beachside State Park. The tribe road around the town of Newport, but Jack and I had to stop in at the Newport Cafe for his birthday breakfast. They are open 24 hours and serve a mean seafood omelet.

One our tribe from the East Coast was overheard on his cell phone today: "the ride was fabulous, but they've got hills on this coast!" Yes, it is a roller coaster. All the more fun.

Tonight was fish tacos and shrimp quessadilas with mango salsa. It was if a flock of seagulls converged on the dinner table! They weren't shy about consuming two sheet cakes, either.

Tomorrow is another day along the coast. The breeze at their back, the sound of pounding surf, the sweet ocean air..... Does it get any better than this?

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