Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 2 & Naughty Teens

The view from the top of the reservoir, Jamie & friends!

The tribe woke this morning to an overcast day and experienced on and off rain showers all day long. A thunderous rain storm hit us for about 1/2 and hours late in the afternoon. (This is the routine for the weather here in Colorado!) Fortunately today is a short day! After a "heavy continental" breakfast, they spirited off to climb the switch backs to the top of the reservoir and coast on to the little town of Keystone, then back to camp for a swim in the pool and a soak in the hot tubs at the Rec. Center.

We chose to spend a quiet day picking up groceries & reading. Somewhat quiet. 50-75 screaming little children on the slides are not considered quiet. Annoying maybe. All right, completely annoying. We had to hide to pop cooler and the lemonade dispenser as it was considered community property. The big "Adventure Cycling Members Only" sign must have been written in a foreign language.

The skate park was equally as busy. All in all the teens that frequent here are pretty well behaved. Except for the "Naughty Three". Three young men about 15 years old were hanging out at the pavilion next to us. Isabel had stopped by for a visit and the Naughty Three came over and asked if we would like to buy a pair of "collectors bike shorts". I don't consider a 1970's pair of corduroy cut offs collector bike shorts. They hustled us for a little while, the oldest of the three sporting an evil glint in his eye. We joked with them and then they proceeded to face the shorts to us: hahahah.....anatomically correct art work sported the front of the shorts. So: being the great ISS teacher that I have been known to be, I informed them that they were really not too funny, rather annoying, and that their consequence for being such was to sweep the pavilion & then join us for dinner. They were a little shocked and then thought it was pretty cool: they swept the concrete and actually did show back up for dinner!
After they ate I told them that if they came back at 10:00 the next morning I would pay them to camp sit so we could ride! I hope they show up!

I feel a little sorry for these guys, if you can't tell. They're at the end of their summer, bored out of their minds, looking for things to do which usually means getting into mischief, and wanting attention. I will give them attention! And something to do.

Dinner tonight was a great fresh veggie salad with all the good stuff from Boulder, Greek Lemon chicken, basmati rice & sauteed patty pan & zucchini squash (or is it squashes? Don't get me started.....) fresh from the field. The tribe loved the food & are looking forward to a day without rain tomorrow!

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