Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Too Hot to be Cool

Rocky Reach Dam on the Columbia: a view of the Columbia: bikes at rest: the bell that sounded the fire that leveled Twisp in 1924: the B&B in Twisp: Aaron on the road: the cyclists laundry line.

As cyclists we like to think that when we are all decked out in our coordinating spandex shorts and jersey, rolling along on two wheels, that we are really cool.  Not so in Eastern Washington.  It's to hot!  Actually, today wasn't quite so bad: the temps ranged into the 90's.  Felt like a cool wave after the last couple of days!

Today's ride was a beautiful roll through the Methow Vally, winding along the Methow river the better part of the way.  A short 43 miles with very little climb.  Makes up for day 5!  One of the highlights for some today was a stop in the town of Twisp.  Not too much there, but there is a great bakery: the Cinnamon Twisp.  If you drive through this part of the state this is a must stop!  Jack and I explored a little and viewed the GORGEOUS B&B just off of the downtown area, and read about the fire that leveled the town in 1924.

Most of the tribe was in camp before noon.  They relaxed, showered, and then headed into the western theme town of Winthrop.  There is a great brew pub that many cooled their heels at, as well one of the best ice cream stops on the tour.

The tribe has begun to bond really well.  It was a night of socializing and enjoying a dinner of spicy cabbage salad, curried chicken, tofu in a peanut yam sauce, basmati rice, stir fried snow peas and dessert.  Dessert was supposed to be delicious pecan pie bars.  Someone, not that I would be the guilty one, put a bag of ice in the dessert cooler.  Soggy pecan pie bars.  I was able to save about 30 of them, but Aaron had to make a quick trip to the grocery store to supply us with dessert.  Drats.

One of the groups riding with us this week is called the Reel Team.  They are a family out of Boise, Idaho.  8 in all: mom and dad and offspring and spouses.  There are quite a few family units on this tour!  Ranger Tommy has kept the tribe entertained with nightly stories of rides from the past.  I think that he should blog his tales!  I will dedicate one page to his shenanigans at a later date.

Tomorrow is the big kahuna: a few worried soles among the tribe.  But, we know they will do great.  It is a long day of climbing and a long 96 miles.  I'm sure they will be up and out early!

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