Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Go Cheetahs Go!

A view up the Columbia River: ACA's head honcho Jim Sayer with daughter Keilan enjoying a smoothie: tribe members doing the same: The Cheeto's Cheetahs Jack and Kevin: aahhhh.....soaking the toes in the brook after a long hot day.

I find it great fun to pick on certain staff members while on these trips.  What can I say? They're easy targets!  So Jack P and Kevin have been the targets for quite awhile.  I haven't got Joe around to tease, so I needed to find someone.  I you haven't noticed, I like to take pictures of Jack and Kevin while they are lounging.....which is quite a bit of the time.  (Not really, but I like to think so.) It's gotten to the point that Kevin's wife thinks that that is all he does when he's out here.....sorry Kevin.  But, as Jack and Kevin have explained to me, they are Cheetahs.  They lie in wait for a tribe member in distress then jump into action as fast as a Cheetah.  Yeah right.  So, to fuel them while they are waiting to jump, I presented them with a bag of Cheetos.  If you're a Cheetah, you need your Cheetos!  Hehehe.

Day 3 of Cycle Washington was another scorcher, combined with a long day.  The tribe broke camp early and headed up highway 97 along the Columbia River, then headed North over to Lake Chelan.  After a gorgeous lunch stop at Riverside Park, they headed up and over to hook back up to 97 to the little town of Pateras.  Just after their turn up the Methow River they stopped at the Rest Awhile Fruit Stand for a smoothie and a piece of pie.  A much needed rest!  From the Fruit Stand it was a quick 5 miles to Alta Lake State Park.  Unfortunately the last 2 miles included a mean climb up.....

At the camp ground many of the tribe soaked their feet in the babbling brook that runs through camp and many made tracks for the lake for a cool dip.  Someone asked if we have anything but glacial water in our lakes.....nope.

Dinner tonight was a spring green salad with french dressing, broccoli salad, bbq pulled pork, Opa's famous sausages, sauerkraut, steamed Yukon potatoes, creamy polenta with parmesan cheese and Nana's rum cakes for dessert.  (The secret to the polenta for those who asked is 1/2 a gallon of heavy whipping cream and 2 pounds of fresh parmesan cheese.  Hope no one has a cholesterol problem.  They may now!)  It was so hot cooking dinner my loving son doused me with ice water...the future physical therapist was just trying to look out for me.  Hmmf.

Tomorrow is a much easier day, and hopefully not so hot.  We'll see.

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