Monday, July 30, 2012

Puppy Tales

My Grand Puppy, Baker.  Consumer of one pan of brownies, a 10 pound bag of flour, and 1/2 of Aaron's tent.  Isn't he cute?

Cycle Washington #2 has been over for a week now!  Hard to believe!  Ranger Tommy and a few of his pals are cycling the Olympic Coast.  Jack and I have been working our tails off cleaning equipment and canning everything under the sun.  I can't stand to throw out any of the leftover produce, so I now have 14 quarts of carrots, 7 quarts of tomatoes, 12 pints and 6 quarts of zucchini relish, 4 quarts of vegetable marinara sauce, 8 pints of curried vegetable stew,  gallons of frozen berries and the last of 8 loaves of banana bread is in the oven.  Whew.  I know what we're eating all winter!

One story that I did not convey in my last post that happened on the rainy ride to Langley was a puppy tale.  Don J and a couple of tribe members had just made the start of the bridge over the slough west of Anacortes and stopped for a couple of minutes.  (I would stop and hitch a ride.  Jack has not convinced me that I can ride the bridge, regardless of the cordoned off bike lane.  The bridge is really high.  I'm a chicken.)  Back to the puppy tale.  As they stood there a black lab youngster ran up and joined them.  He thought it was a great day to tag along with a group of cyclists. We shall name him Spot for lack of a better name, though he did not have spots.  Over the bridge Spot went, leading the tribe along the way.  Spot had a great time running in front of them for the next 3 miles until it was time to cross highway 20 and head out to the island.  "What to do?" pondered Don and friends.  Spot surely needed to go home, and crossing highway 20 was not a safe place for him.  To the rescue came Mechanic Kevin.  Now known as Under Doggy Kevin the Puppy Saver.  He rolled up thinking that there was a mechanical issue.  No, just a Spot issue.  Don convinced Kevin to fetch Spot and put him in the van, then transport him back to the other side of the bridge in hopes that he would find his way home.  Kevin complied and when he pulled into the area that Spot joined the tribe he noticed a man standing outside of his truck looking around for his pup, Spot.  Kevin asked him if he had lost a dog and miracle of miracles Spot made it home safe and sound.  Good job Under Doggy Kevin.

Don told the story when he made it into camp that evening and it led to many, many dog stories.  Don works with his dogs as companion pups servicing people in hospitals and care facilities.  What a great endeavor!  We heard many puppy tales from other tribe members....I know our pups are just as much family as the kids.  I miss my Ruby Dew when we are on the road!

Cycle Washington #1 and #2 were great rides! I hope that ACA runs this tour again next year....hint hint.  See you in Oregon!

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