Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Here We Go Again!

Don from California: the tribe well fed and waiting for the bus to the top of the pass.

Cycle Washington #1 is over and done, Cycle Washington #2 is on the road!  We spent the last 2 days re-upping all of stores, baking banana bread and cookies and making strawberry jam.  I think we're ready for the week!  You know that song: You keep, Talking in your sleep?  I keep, working in my sleep.

If I remember correctly we met up with the tribe last night in Redmond and served them a salad buffet that included honey almond chicken salad, pasta salad, pea salad, green salad with trimmings, and brownies for dessert.  I also think that I was present this morning to serve them a hearty continental breakfast and pack their lunches.  I do know I slept all of the way home to pick up the rest of  our equipment and frozen foods.  I also think that I am writing my blog.......I may sleep all of the way to Wenatchee.

We have another great group: many, many return riders.  Don from California, still peddling at 80!  Netzy from Montana, new to the tours last year. Pete and Carol from White Salmon make an appearance at least once a year.  And, the list goes on! The weather this week is looking good: mid 70's this side of the mountains, mid 80's on the East side.

So, the article in the Herald newspaper published yesterday!  I was very surprised to see that we made the front page!  Amy did a great job writing the piece, and Mike's pictures are great!  You can see the article at www.heraldnet.com .  A few of the new tribe had already read it by the time we had our map meeting.  Some wanted to know if the food would be the same on this tour.  What they were trying to wrangle out of me was, "Do we get the seafood feast too?"  Of course they do!

I have one participant that has to eat gluten free.  This is not unusual on the tours, but what is new is the gluten free products that I am supplying for them.  My brother and sister in law are in the process of opening a gluten free bakery in the Skagit Valley area.  They have provided me with a supply of cookies, cupcakes, breads and granola.  So far the cookies and granola have been a hit!

We are loaded and ready to head over the hill.....the tribe is on the bus and headed up the pass.  We'll see them on the other side.

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