Saturday, July 14, 2012

Peddling for Bivalves

Taylor Seafood harvesting in Samish Bay: the tribe partaking in the feast: A contented staff: full seagulls lounging on the lawn: my family of foodies.

So the motivation for today's ride was the feast waiting for the tribe at Bay View State Park.  I am sure that the ride itself was part of the motivation: after a long day yesterday they had just 56 miles of gradual downhill, one little climb, and an amazing ride along the Samish Bay.  And, what a feast they were about to hold!

One thing I forgot to mention is that we picked up a couple of strays at Rockport.  Two young men are just finishing their self contained tour from Vermont to the West Coast.  They happened upon us and  were happy to partake in last nights feast, as well breakfast this morning and sandwiches for the road.  I did make mention the seafood feast happening tonight, and if our paths crossed, they were more than welcome to join us.  I think their path changed from their original plan.  We did see them at dinner, breakfast and lunch once again!

Before arriving at Bay View Jack, my mom, and I sped up Chuckanut Drive to Taylor Shellfish Farms to procure tonights delicacies.  Oysters, clams, and mussels all from Washington waters......fresh for the grilling and steaming for "happy hour" with the tribe.  We then sped back to Sakuma Farms to get our paws on fresh strawberries, tayberries and raspberries to mix with greens right out of my mom's garden for the salad du jour! (A tayberry is a cross between raspberries and blackberries.  Where the name tayberry? Simple.  B + R = T.  B is the 2cnd letter in the alphabet, R is the 18th letter in the alphabet, T is the 20th letter in the alphabet.  2 + 18 = 20.  Oh, my mind doesn't work like that.....)  We already had the salmon on board, so it was back to the campground and hard at work to feed our tribe recently christened "the seagulls".  And, they ate like seagulls!

I had a couple of visitors tonight.  Well, many, but these 3 stood out.  We had a reporter and photographer from the Snohomish County Herald out to do a feature on the catering on this tour.  They joined us for 4 hours, happy hour and dinner.  They interviewed most of the tribe and staff....I have no idea what is going to be written, but it will be published in the Monday's addition of the paper.  You can find it by googling the Snohomish County Herald.  We also had my mom, sister, all 3 sons, Erin that used to work for me on the tours, and her 2 little guys.  It was quite the reunion!

The tribe had an awesome dinner..the happy hour, berry and fresh greens salad, steamed fingerling potatoes, steamed fresh vegetable medley, bourbon salmon, and fresh home made cookies for dessert.  They fueled up for another long day tomorrow across Deception Pass and down Whidbey Island for the last night together.  The first of Ranger Tommy's Farewell.

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