Friday, June 24, 2011

Sheltering the Tribe

It was quite a windstorm! Part of the tribe taking shelter from the storm (ps. anyone recognize the Director of the Board for ACA?)  A view of our camp: doors in Historic Butte & Walkerville: the Daley mansion in Butte.

I am now renowned not only for feeding the tribe, I am now known for sheltering the tribe!  We got into Butte around noon and set up camp, started dinner, and waited for the rain.  And wind, rain, thunder & lightning we got! I think the winds gusted up to 60mph, taking out the carnival tent and sending tribe members for shelter under my truck!  Pretty cute.  Jack and I spent the 1/2 hour of storm hanging onto our pop up tent to keep it from blowing away.  We got soaked.  Fortunately, we had dinner pretty much done before the skies broke loose.  Curried chicken, peanut yam tofu, steamed rice & lentils, sauteed snap peas, spicy cabbage salad and cookies & pound cake for dessert.
The campus that we are staying at; Missoula Tech; is a beautiful campus with a fabulous museum of rocks and a museum of mining.  There is also a mine tour that takes you down into an old mine and exploring for about 2 1/2 hours.  Butte was built in the late 1800's when copper and silver were discovered here.  The history is fascinating, I wish we had more time to take the tours and learn more.  We will get to use a car tomorrow and will go out and explore for a couple of hours.  
All of the tribe made it safely to camp and enjoyed great showers in one of the dorms.  Late afternoon found them inundated with a group of youngsters attending the Outward Bound Camp at the college.  They asked questions about the ride, how strenuous it is, what and how much they eat, (remember tribe, I control the quality, not the quantity, of what you eat!), where they are from, etc. etc....
A few of the tribe set their tents up next to the stone wall at the edge of the soccer field that we are camped on.  It was quite entertaining for me this afternoon to watch the little Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels explore their tents & bikes.  How many goodies did you guys leave in your tents?  How many do you have left?  I love critters.  More tomorrow!

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