Tuesday, June 14, 2011

SCONES! Line caught rainbow trout: Goofing off before the ride (isn't there a no butt shot rule?" : Really cool wind devices in Springdale: Take note ACA:Mo was really at breakfast before 8:00; the staff "hard at work" in St. George.

And we're off to Springdale!  After a yummy breakfast of fresh raspberry scones and such the tribe headed up the canyon to Zion National Park.  It was a great day for a ride: warm but overcast, so not too hot. We arrived at a packed camp ground.  I don't ever remember the parks being this full.  Prior to 9-11 they were busy, then after 9-11 there was no one in the parks for a couple of years.  Now the Euro is strong and people are on the move!  Most of the tourists are French and German, with a few Californians thrown in the mix.  
Jack and I did a quick Costco run, had a great, inexpensive breakfast at Bishop's grill in Washington,  and stopped at my favorite pottery store in Springdale.  We snagged a great clay pot by my favorite artist, the Mayor of Springdale, for 40% off !!  Yeah! Then headed into camp. 
Dinner tonight was a feast of all feasts.  We love to fish, and trout fish with my Dad every chance we get.  A few years back I bought a commercial Vacuseal machine and we use it for everything: including the 51 line caught rainbow trout we served tonight! 
 So: dinner was a spring green salad with minted strawberries and a pomegranate vinaigrette, grilled rainbow trout, steamed asparagus, Indian vegetable stew, and pound cake with rhubarb strawberry sauce for dessert.  
The tribe spent the afternoon touring and hiking in Zion.  I think the Emerald Springs was a favorite this year.  The water level is too high to hike the Narrows.  The water level in every river and stream from Washington to Utah was extremely high!  
Tomorrow is the incredible ride up the switch backs to the tunnel where they catch a shuttle through to the other side and then ride through amazing places like the Checkerboard Wash and down to the beautiful downtown Hatch, Utah.  I've raved about Hatch before.  We'll see what's new there! 

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