Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On to Beautiful Hatch

A new meaning to the phrase: shoe tree; the awesome threesome (Ranger Tommy, Kevin, Marker Bob); the Utah tribe at dinner: my new bff: Linda off for a hike.
What a glorious day for a bike ride!  After riding into Hatch (not much has changed except the tile on the bathroom floors and new showerheads) and completely devouring a dinner of marinated vegetable salad, Greek lemon chicken, curried rice & lentils, sauteed zucchini & patty pan squash, and Nana's world famous rum cakes for dessert, the tribe settled in for a quiet night.  They got up early (almost even Mo) and headed up the hill for a short ride to Ruby's Inn at Bryce Canyon.  I think everyone made it in before noon and headed up to hike and sight see.  The weather is so good right now, perfect for exploring the Queen's Court, Fairyland, Wall Street.  If you haven't been here this is a park you need to see.
This was a hard day and a half for me and for Jack, as well my family.  My dad passed away on Monday at about 2:30 pm.  It is hard to be out here and not be close to my boys and family.  I won't be home for two weeks: many tears are being shed.  The tribe is being so wonderful: thank you. 
Tonight is BBQ night: straight from Fredericksburg, Texas we will serve up Opa's sausages with sauerkraut, smoked brisket, cowboy beans, wedge salad, and assorted home made cakes for dessert.  
Tomorrow is more exploring and then downhill to Panguitch.  We missed the quilt walk by one week.  What's up with that oh great trip organizers in Missoula?  Where's the priorities?  Just kidding.  Jack was gracious enough to stop yesterday at a quilt shop in Cedar City.  Too many quilt shops, too little time.  

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