Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stuffed French Toast

It was a rainy day today in Texas. Started out misty, then drizzly, then pouring. 6:30 and back to the mist. Jack and I got to ride today! Yeah! Rode out to Luchenbach and back to camp. Very pretty ride: some wild flowers, rolling ups and downs in and out of washes and creeks, mainly farm country. Only one rude Texan in a pick up truck: took the whole road coming at us and didn't move over until the last second. Everyone else was great. It felt so good to be back on the bike!

We started the morning with the cake robbers. Baked cakes last night for tonights dessert. A couple of wayward tribe members helped themselves in the wee hours of the night. Bad tribe members. Followed that up with a breakfast of scrambled eggs, ham steaks, and stuffed French toast. YUMMM! A flaky croissant stuffed with a mixture of cream cheese, powdered sugar, and pecans, soaked in eggs and then grilled. A yummy surprise for this tribe.

Last nights tilapia tacos were a hit. Made tilapia chowder this afternoon with the leftovers for a pre dinner warmer. The tribe loved it. Tonights dinner was:

Green salad with a cherry tomato medley and honey mustard dressing
Steamed basmati rice
Greek lemon chicken
Indian vegetable curried stew (one of my favorites)
Leftover: potato salad & coleslaw
Chocolate and spice cakes (none for the bad boys!)

Some of the riders have been asking; where's the pulled pork sandwiches? Boy have I got them trained about leftovers. Rule is: you don't eat it for dinner, you get it for lunch. So tomorrow will be pulled pork sandwiches!

Tomorrow on to Perdenales State Park. Ok: this is how I was told to say it: Perd - i - nal - us.
The first time here I said: Perd - a - nails. Wrong.
Dinner tomorrow night: Some sort of salad; Fettucini with burgundy mushroom sauce; linguini with pesto & feta cheese; grilled french bread; sauteed snap peas.

I will blog on Friday night with the wrap up of this tour. Then, home for a few weeks and on to St. George, Utah for the Cycle Utah tour. Not to late to sign up for this gorgeous ride!

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