Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Good Morning!

Breakfast bright and early on day day 4!
I like to think I am a morning person. Jack likes to think otherwise. I do get up, but I guess I run on autopilot for the first couple of hours! Breakfast has never been late. Close, but not late.

Mornings are amusing on the rides. Personalities vary radically in the early am. Some people are little morning birds: up early chirping the days praises. Others are more like the evil geese. One lady a couple of years ago refused to talk to anyone before a couple of cups of coffee. One lady stood staring at the scrambled eggs and asked what kind of potatoes they were. Early, about 4:00 am, in Trout Lake, Washington, a rider walked into the kitchen and asked if the coffee was ready. Not a smart thing to do. He got the look. If you're on one of our rides and I give you the blank; excuse me?; you're kidding, right?; look, it's not good.

My middle son; hi Aaron!; is not really a morning person. (Actually I don't think any of the three are!) In Lincoln, Montana, I zipped tied his tent closed. In Marblemount, Washington I took his tent down around him. He got even. Called me coach the whole rest of the trip, then poured a bucket of ice water over my head while I was grilling in Leavenworth, Washington, telling me I did a "good job, coach!". My oldest son, Matt, can sleep anywhere. One morning at Lake Chelan, Washington, he was asleep next to the buffet. The riders had to step over him. An employee who shall remain nameless was instructed at 5:00 to take the coffee to the only outlet to be found (in the men's room at Patagonia, Arizona) and plug it in. I think he was sleep walking. I found the coffee pot in the middle of the driveway at 7:00. No coffee that morning!

So: gorgeous ride in the misty rain today. Tomorrow they head out to Enchanted rock. The rumor is the best wild flower viewing is tomorrow! Tonights dinner:

Southwestern green salad w/ avacados
Grilled tilapia tacos w/ tequila lime coleslaw
Vegetarian fajitas w/ all the trimmings
Spanish rice and beans
Homemade brownies.

Time to go to work! Do you have any morning stories?


  1. I enjoy the morning hours. When Jack and I were
    kids my dad would take us camping about every
    other weekend, usually to eastern Washington.
    I remember getting up early to go fishing with my dad. It seemed like my dad caught the most fish. He would put some kind of oil on his hands that would attrack them. That is my big FISH story. All my love, Marilyn

  2. My favorite scene from a recent ride was a group of guys, coffee cups in hand, standing around the coffee pot in the pre-dawn darkness willing that coffee to be ready.