Friday, April 9, 2010

Fish Tacos?

We made it! Three days of travel and we are in Fredericksburg, Texas. Fried pickles and cold beer at the pub and all is well. The wild flowers are amazing this year: miles of blue and yellows, purples and reds. Walked through part of residential Fredericksburg to look at the historical homes. They are wonderful. Most every yard is spilling over with blue bonnets. I did learn a couple of things about Texas:
Texans do not require on or off ramps on the freeways: they just need to be able to traverse the terrain. Saves money on road construction.
The sparser the decor in a restaurant: the better the bbq. Florescent lights are a must.
Bud light is the beer of choice in the South. Micro brews must be a Northern thing.
Some dead cactus resemble Cousin It.
And now back to work! I am in a quandary over the menu: need help here with the tilapia. Should I prepare it grilled with mango salsa? Or does fish tacos with tequila coleslaw and mango salsa, avocado lime cream sauce & cucumber pico fit the local cuisine better? I am leaning to the fish tacos. Opinions, anyone?
The rest of the menu will look like: BBQ beef brisket: pulled pork: Greek lemon chicken: honeyed pork chops: burgundy & wild mushroom pasta. I'll keep you up to date on how it all works.
The weather is sunny and in the 70's: but looking at thunder showers most of next week. Cooking in the rain: my version of that catchy tune! Just cooking in the rain. Watch out or I'll start sashaying down the driveway!
More soon. Must work now.

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  1. Fish tacos for sure. Wish I was there to enjoy them. Have fun and stay dry.