Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rainbows and Raccoons

Rainbows of wild flowers. Wildflowers so thick and lush they were breathtaking! That's what the riders rode through today (thursday). And rain. Pouring down, foggy rain. The sky broke loose about 3:00, the back half of the pack got it worst. It was not pleasant, but they did it! The wildflowers made it worth it.

Raccoons raided our camp sight at 4:00 Friday morning! One of our staff, who shall not be named, left his bag of garbage under our truck, next to our tent. Why always my tent? Four extremely large, well fed, raccoons helped themselves. They weren't even fazed by headlamps. Well acclimated to the campground life!

Dinner tonight was great! Started with vegetable soup at 4:00 for the soggy tribe members. Followed that up with fettucini with eggplant marinara and fettucini with pesto & feta cheese. The plan was a mushroom burgundy sauce, but the mushrooms didn't survive the trip. Improvisation is a necessary skill in food service.

Goodbyes were said at the last map meeting, and we sent the tribe off Friday morning for what appeared to be a not too wet day of riding. It was a great trip, and a great group of riders, including a few characters! We had quite a few new to touring with us, and I hope to see them on future rides!

Good luck to Joe leading the Northern tier ride, and to Jack P. leading the self supported trans am! You guys will do great.

We spent Friday touring more of the hill country with our friend Isabelle, then loading up on the traditional gifts to take home: hot sauces for Matt and brew pub t-shirts for Aaron. They have quite a collection from my travels over the years. Do you have a favorite brew pub I need to visit?

Today we are visiting the Lady Bird Johnson Wild Flower Center, dinner tonight with a group Jack rode cross country with, on to ride in Fredericksburg Sunday, then home. Three days in a big yellow truck. I will miss the ride, the cooking, and the tribe, but I really miss the boys and my dogs! I live the life of a gypsy, and I enjoy every minute of it. Well, almost.

Next tour: Cycle Utah. Great ride you guys! Sign up if you can: it's almost full. So, as Aaron penned on my truck years ago, we'llsee you on the other side!

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  1. Sounds like your trip was full of memories. It also sounds like you have a garbage/critter magnet near you and your tent :P
    Hope your ride isnt too boring. See you soon!