Monday, April 12, 2010

Evil Geese

Ahhhhh....lounging at Blanco State Park, warm sunshine, light breeze, the Guadalupe River gently flowing past, the aroma of roasting pork, a cold diet coke, and EVIL GEESE! They are second only to ostriches. The cute ducks are nowhere to be found: the evil geese chased them away. They have yet to converge on camp, but I am positive they soon will. As soon as they know that food is present.

Today was a gorgeous day for a ride. It is warm, not hot. Most of the ride covered small back roads rolling through fields of flowers and farms. Every ones mood is happy! We were set up early enough that I get a couple of hours off. Hoping Jack will fix his flat so that we can ride some this week. Hint, Hint.

It seems that everywhere I look in the hill country, it is green. Shades and shades of green. When you drive through the hill country it feels like you are driving on the top of the world. The trees are not tall and you can see over them for miles. Kind of like looking out over an ocean of trees. One constant in the Hill Country are gates. If you own property, you must have a gate. And the bigger the gate the better. Must have lots of wrought iron and a name or an animal stuck to it. Even the mobile homes have gates. The gate cost more than the home!

Tonight's menu:
Spring greens w/ medjool dates & oranges
Roast pulled pork w/ pan gravy
Steamed fingerling potatoes & baby carrots
White bean puttanesca
Vanilla pound cake
Last nights BBQ was well received. HEB grocery store produces an awesome smoked brisket that we just reheat. I know it's cheating, but I doubt that I could do any better. And it's pre sliced. The Texas wedge salad was really good, maybe a little over dressed. What makes it a Texas wedge is adding your favorite salsa to the dressing. I opted for fire roasted chipotle.

Tomorrow on to Fredericksburg. Must stop in Luchenbach on the way. Probably be to early for a beer. And I don't think I'll see Willy or Waylon or the boys. Doesn't hurt to dream. Momma: don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys! Till tomorrow.

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