Saturday, September 22, 2012

Who Put This Road on the Map?

I really want to know who thought it would be funny to send us on today's route.  So would the tribe members.  It is my understanding that the route we took today was to cut the mileage from trips past.  Thanks.  If the hill into Sugarloaf wasn't bad enough.

We turned off of 128 just outside of Calistoga onto the Petrified Forest Road.  Petrified is right.  That is what I was for the next 12 miles.  We were routed onto a one lane, at best, road that wound up and down and around and around and up and down some more.  There was not shoulder, no visual of what lied ahead, steep ups and downs.  Fortunately we stopped for an early lunch in Calistoga and did not have to pass any riders.  It is a beautiful route, but not one for the big yellow truck.

We had lunch at a deli in the old train cars just across from the grocery store in Calistoga.  This is a must eat when you are in town.  The sandwiches are amazing as are the burritos and quiche.  I was in heaven.

After the tricky Forest roads the tribe landed on the River Road and made their way into Guerneville and then on to camp at the Casini Family Ranch.  Many bottles of Korbel Champagne were lugged along the way: it was a popular destination!

The tribe set up camp and dined on a green salad and veggie salad with honey mustard dressing: spiced pork chops: East Indian vegetable stew: orzo with pesto sauce: and more pecan pie bars and brownies for dessert.  The tribe has finally found their appetite: I was a little concerned going out the gate because they really didn't eat like cyclists.  They are now!

Following dinner Jerry led the tribe in some new dance moves.  Yes, the Mocorana.  YES, the Time Warp.  He didn't lead them in this one, I did.  A new low to my  blossoming resume.  I hope I still have a job after this!  Did I mention I have seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show somewhere in the neighborhood of 50+ times? No, I don't dress up. Jack does: but I won't share the pictures.  I think I want to stay married.  So, it's just a jump to the left.........

.We hit the tent early: it's been a long week.  Tomorrow is a long day into Olema......and is a great bakery in Duncan Mills that we need to visit, as well the Cowgirl Creamery in Point Reyes.  More cheese....YUMMM!

Bread from the Model Bakery: scary charging system we have here!: great new book available through ACA: geese rule at this park: dinner on the patio

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