Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day Two....No Vegimites?

Day two started foggy and early...note early enough for with the coffee for some of the tribe!  We weren't supposed to be in the kitchen in the hostel until 7am, so no coffee until 7:30.  And, it was instant as we did not have time to brew the real stuff.  The tribe was tolerant, though.  There are a million coffee shops in town.

This is our first tour ever in 17 years that we have no vegetarians.  SCARY!  I don't know what to do!  Only a couple of small food issues among us.......maybe Jack can be a vegetarian just to even things out. :)

The tribe headed out on the Coastal Route  from the hostel.  We didn't dare take the truck that way: Mo said she wasn't even sure the cars could make some of the hills.  Back through the tunnel for us.  Just how I want to start my day!

From the coast the tribe headed inland to roll through the hills of Marin County to Petaluma.  Miles and miles of ranches and farmland.  Plenty of places to get lost, as some of the tribe did.  The marks on the road needed to be adjusted a tad bit, from what was said.  But, everyone made it into camp!

We took the freeway here but made time to backtrack the route to the Marin County Cheese factory to procure some fantastic bries for the appetizer hour before dinner.  Across the street from the factory was a large group of Sherifs and police with a helicopter and 4wd vehicles.  We asked the girls in the store front what was going on.  They said there had been a 5 million dollar pot bust in the hills last week and they were out to find more.  It's California, they said!

The KOA that we stayed at is much much quieter on a Monday night than when we were here on Saturday.  No screaming meanies!

After a dinner of Greek Citrus Chicken, tossed green salad, leftover pea and pasta salad, steamed sprouted beans and rice, carrots and cauliflower, sautéed kale with a balsamic glaze (DOUBLE YUMMM!) and brownies for dessert the tribe headed to the map meeting and enjoyed an evening of a camp fire and camaraderie.  It's a nice group, especially since Hillary is along for the ride!

Tomorrow is a trip through the wineries and up to Santa Rosa.  Pictures will have to wait as the internet service is so slow I would be here all day.  On to the next camp.

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