Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Rest of the Story

Covered bridge in Corvallis: a view of the coast: sunset at Beachside State Park: the tribe venturing into new territory! 

Better late than never?  That's how it will have to be!  Every time I thought of finishing the Oregon trip's blog life got in the way!  And now we are ready to start the Wine and Harvest tour!  My how time flies!

Oregon WAS a great trip.  Some challenges that last few days with the traffic on highway 101: many times there is not much shoulder and you get a bunch of rent-a-rv'ers on the road and it's a bit dicey.  But, the scenery is stellar!

From Devil's Lake the tribe headed south to a night at Beachside State Park where they played in the sand and watched a spectacular sunset.  From there they continued down the coast to the town of Florence for two nights in Honeyman State Park.  Here the tribe explored the sand dunes, kayaked the river, headed out on optional rides, explored the town of Florence and ate clam chowder and crab, built campfires and shared smores and stories of the trip.

Some of the highlights of the coast were: the Sea Lion Caves; optional rides up the Yachats River and to the top of a ridge for a view of the coast on one side and hills to Portland on the other; the coffee shop in Yachats; trying to pronounce Yachats; the old log church and State Park in Yachats; (they liked Yachats); riding through Waldport, the smallest harbor in the world; the stunning views along the coast.

I know I did not do this trip justice on my blog, but it was a great trip with great people and many new friends for rides to come.

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