Monday, October 1, 2012

Share the Road.......

A view of the coast

Bob hard at work: Kevin & Jack take note!
Ok: I know it's not nice, but I had to get in one last jab!


and chillin'

Jam!  I can send you some if you want!
Strawberry or raspberry!

Salmon dinner for the last supper of this tribe!

Bob taking a picture of me taking a picture....

The tribe

All grins: that's what we like!

The second to last ride day from Casini Ranch to Olema was one of those days that people driving the route either have to be extremely patient or get off the road!  When we came off of 116 onto Highway 1 along the coast we shared our side of the road with about 100 other cyclists from another ride.  Coming the other way on the road was the MS 150 with hundreds of riders.  It was pretty crazy out there!  I have to compliment our riders for sticking to the single file rule.  The riders on the other ride must not have learned that one in cycle 101.  Three abreast was not uncommon........a little tough for the big yellow truck, as well as rent a rv's, to get around.

It was a gorgeous day for a ride, though. One of the prettiest ride days! If you dared take your eyes off of the road! All of the little towns along the way were pretty crowded with people on bikes looking for coffee and pastries.  Many of our tribe stopped in at Hog Island Oysters for a sampling of the local fare.  Oysters while riding isn't quite what I would want for a snack. A few of the tribe headed up Coleman Valley for the optional ride of 5.7 miles.  Unfortunately on of the tribe crashed on this loop and sported some pretty good road rash.

We were looking forward to battling raccoons again tonight.  When we were here last year one big guy insisted on harassing us most of the night and all of the morning.  He stole the bread right off of the end of the truck!  But, they must of all found new hunting grounds.  No raccoons this trip.

We had lunch in Olema and visited the cheese factory and farmers market, then headed to camp to prepare the last supper.  It was salmon night for the tribe and they thoroughly enjoyed it!  They finished every last bite.  They didn't leave a crumb of the strawberry short cake either.  I swear they were fighting over the whipped cream!

Arlen led the tribe in the final map meeting, giving out awards and kudos for a ride well done.  We set out the jam for sale and took orders for zucchini relish to be shipped after I get home.  This tribe took quite a liking to the zucchini relish.  They relished over a jar a day at the lunch stops!  I will have to make more next week.

The final day of the ride found the tribe up and out to head into San Francisco to find their way home.  It was a great week: fast and furious.  We have a 2 day drive home, I go right back to school, have a catering Tuesday doesn't end!

Arlen did announce the list of tours for next year!  Hurrah!  Time to start putting your ride plans together.  I will let you know when we find out which ones we are working.  Plus, Jack is thinking of putting his name in to lead a self contained tour.  I'll let you know if he gets that one, too.

Though it was a short season for us this year, but it was a lot of fun.  I hope to have the chance to feed you next year!

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