Saturday, March 17, 2012

The St. Paddies Day Pub Crawl.....

Look at those smiles!  Our two youngsters....Bob starting the climb up the hill to camp in Bisbee...The Catholic Church in Bisbee: it's amazing...more pics to come.

NO, it is not quite St. Paddies Day, but the tribe got in the mood tonight after dinner!  Kevin, Joe, and Jack; along with a couple more un-named members of the tribal council; led the unsuspecting tribe members onto the war path to conquer 5 pubs in one night in downtown Bisbee.....did they succeed? I am not one to tell...but there were a few blurry eyes on the next morning!  They couldn't make it into room #6 (? it's one of the rooms...) at the old brothel....there are only 4 bar stools.  I thought it was made up, but no, it is the smallest bar in Arizona.  Right across the street from the oldest bar in Arizona and upstairs from the Bisbee Bicycle Brothel.  All situated in the old Brewery Alley and Brothel District!  What a torrid history this town has!

Quite a few of us learned a lot of the history of Bisbee, Jack and I much more than we knew even after a bunch of trips down here.  We took the trolley tour of old Bisbee and are eager to come back and learn and see more! Example: I did not know that during WWII the miners shut down production of the mine.  They were charged with treason, mining was so important to the support of the war, and 1186 miners were rounded up and interned in an old military camp and told never to return to Bisbee.  They were eventually cleared of charges, but never did return.  Then, during the 70's, when mining was suspended, the town cleared out to population zero.  You look at the buildings, the churches, the architecture...and you wonder how the town survived being a ghost town.  Thank the hippies.  They came from all over the California coast and took over the town.  Squatters rights.  They opened businesses, moved into the homes, took care of the properties, and saved the town.  Hence the eclectic nature of the town in modern times.  You have to experience Bisbee!

The tribe, before taking to the war path to town, spent the day exploring the town, taking the mine tour, or riding to the Conservatory in search of birds.  I heard there were a couple of owls and a few hawks this year.  You have to get there early to see the was sleep in day.  The Bicycle Brothel opened for the tribe for a couple of hours, and a gift shop hosted wine and cheese during the afternoon: it is a friendly town!

We fed the tribe a great fajita dinner tonight: pork and peppers, tofu and peppers, refried beans, all the trimmings, and pecan pie bars and brownies for dessert.  AND: I bush whacked Dennis and forced him to take dinner to go.  HA. Got ya Dennis!  You are now, officially, one of my strays.

I spent the better part of the day cooking the YUMMIE corned beef for dinner tomorrow night!  Sorry, no green beer......

Tomorrow the tribe will rise and shine, with their blurry eyes, and head back to Tombstone, albeit a different route.  After two nights of chilly showers, the hotel rooms will be much appreciated!

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