Sunday, March 18, 2012

Back to Tombstone.........

More pics from inside the Catholic Church: the last supper: look at that plate full of food!  This tribe can eat!

Yes, there were a few bleary eyes this morning!  Bad tribe!  But I understand you had a great time at the crawl!  Jack and I spent the evening watching a moving...we made it in the tent before the Crawling Tribe!

We were up early to prepare breakfast to fuel the ride back to Tombstone.  The tribe doesn't back track the previous route: they swing around the other side of the valley and into the back door of Tombstone.  It is another beautiful day for a bike ride!  Both of our youngsters are on their bikes today: they are such troopers!  Have I said this before?  I am impressed with not only them, but the tribe as a whole.  What a great attitude everyone has!  There are no whiners in this group!

On our way into Tombstone Jack and I stopped at the local food bank to see if they would accept the leftover produce and bakery products that we will have tomorrow.  It was commodities day at the food bank and there were about 60 people in line.  I found the director and she was ecstatic to see what we had in the morning.  I will expand on this is an interesting story.

We made our way back to the hotel to set up tonight's feast.  We created a huge green salad, corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots, bbq'd chicken breasts, and re-heated pesto-orzo for the vegimites.  (I use these terms with love and kindness!)  For dessert we had a treat!  Pound cake with Skagit Valley strawberries and fresh, hand whipped, whip cream.  I saw more than one tribe member take a second helping to the berries and cream!

After dinner our fearless leader, Chief Dave, lead his council in the final map meeting and awards ceremony.  It was fun to see who had the heaviest luggage, (Jack is making good use of the scale we gave him last year!) the least luggage, the most flat tires, etc!

This has been a great week.  It has gone by so quickly!  I will fill in quite a few blanks on my next post and add many more pics.  Good job tribe!


  1. Most excellent trip in AZ. My first Adventure Cycling trip, and your meals were always YUMMY! THANKS!

  2. Wonderful trip. Fantastic food. Great tribe and staff. Kathy, thank you so much.

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