Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Day of the Dead and Portable Port a Potties!

Pics from the museum: Marker Bob and Dave with the portable port a potties!

No, fortunately it was not a tribe member!  It is the annual celebration of honoring the spirits of the deceased, and Patagonia has a museum dedicated to just that!  It is recognized by the Smithsonian as one of the largest collections of memorabilia....some of which is pictured above.  It was quite interesting!  There is also a museum of miniature Harley Davidson Motorcycles.  Some one went to a lot of work!

The day started bright and brisk.  We sent the tribe off after a breakfast of French Toast and scrambled eggs.  Spirits were high as the bikes got on the road.  The two young students, I didn't mention that they are from China, had an interesting day trying to adjust to their bikes.  They made 17 miles today: a great job for not having done this before!  One of the girls has yet to master dismounting.....that will be tomorrow's challenge!  We give them full credit for such effort, garnished with huge smiles and giggles!

We have a bonus addition to the trip this year!  Port a Potties on wheels!  They follow the tribe wherever they ride!  What a great idea! Many of the water stops don't have restrooms....great solution.

Dinner tonight was yellow curried chicken, peanut yam tofu, spicy cabbage salad, steamed asparagus and  Nana's rum cakes for dessert.  The tribe ate well!

This is a very social group: they are melding well.  We have quite a few new to Adventure Cycling...we hope to make this a great tour for all!

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