Friday, March 16, 2012

On to Bisbee..

Dinner at Tombstone: house for sale in Bisbee....only 200,000...: Breakfast in Tombstone..boy these guys eat a lot!

AHHHH....what a comfy night for the tribe in a cozy, clean, warm hotel room...alas the last night of hot showers for two nights!

We could not ask for better weather for this week's ride!  It has been crisp in the mornings, but the days have been sunny and warm and very little wind.  Last week it was windy and rainy and cold here, and next week is projected to be the same.  Good timing oh Great Planning Guru at Adventure Cycling!

The ride went well for the tribe, the high point of the day: Our little student Sofi rode the whole route!  Way to go!  The staff has coined the phrase, "a Sofi Dismount", for her style of getting off of the bike.  It is quite an exercise in a cross between acrobatics and a running dismount.  Ask Joe to demonstrate some time: he does a great impersonation!

This tour has quite a few families riding together: fathers and son's, brothers.  The average age is quite a bit younger that we have seen on most of the tours, except for the family rides of course.  What a great way to bond!

Bisbee was bustling when we arrived this afternoon.  We are once again parked on top of a hill overlooking the town at a city park.  We were surprised to see that the road up to the park had been re-paved!  It was quite an obstacle course to get up and down in the past!

Tonight's dinner is a Bleau cheese salad, honey spiced pork chops, Indian vegetable curry, steamed potatoes,  and Texas Pecan Pie bars for dessert.  I forgot to deliver my disclaimer at the first map meeting: I control the quality of what you eat, not the quantity: and I have had a few "complaints" about TOO MUCH FOOD! I'M EATING TOO MUCH!  Especially from water stop Joe.........he's my new target to pick on!  It's so much fun..

We have a photographer following the tour and taking snaps for ACA.   Dennis is a character and taking tons of pics.  He will have them available on his web sight, so I will post that when I get it.  I keep trying to feed him......he says it isn't part of his deal with ACA.  I told him I pick up strays quite often.....I will wear him down.

Tomorrow is a layover day in Bisbee and we will be off to see what new and exciting things we can find.  It is quite a town!

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