Saturday, July 24, 2010

Up up and away!

A pooped out Ruby Dew: bike bridge across the lake, last day.

Today the tribe was rearing to go bright and early. Headed home to the barn! Hash browns, fried potatoes and mexican scramble provided fuel for the short jaunt up the hill.

We broke camp and Jack and I hopped on our bikes. The ride along the lake provided us with head winds around 15 mph: we were looking forward to those as a tail wind on the way home. No such luck! We passed a few of the tribe on the way: had a nice climb of 2-6% up to Plummer. Met up with the tribe for the last time and headed back to Harrison. (One of the tribe couldn't quite understand why we rode to Plummer. I LIKE to climb!) I hope to see more of this tribe on tours next year: I think they're hooked!

We headed to Spokane to spend our off days at a KOA: R&R, some time on the bike on the Centennial trail, someone else cooking dinner (SUSHI!), Scott has a paint ball tournament and we will spend the day garage sale-ing Eastern Idaho and Western Montana!

Next trip: Idaho Family. I will blog about the trip, but probably not a daily run down. The same route: different riders. I'll keep you informed.

PS: the day of garage sale-ing was a success: 1950's pink glass vase for $4.00: set of 1950's Hull soup bowls w/ sandwich plates $3.00 for 4 in awesome condition: pewter serving platter $1.00: great cast iron skillet for Katie: $2.00 . We met a lady in Heron, Montana: Judy is 93 this year. Her grandmother delivered her! She married a jocky that rode all the big tracks in the 40's & 50's. Danced with Dean Martin & partied with all the big names of the time. She is retired in a great little cabin in Heron, about 5 miles down a back road that turns to dirt. It was fun trying to find her garage sale! She had some beautiful costume jewelry from her hay-day. The people we meet! See you in Idaho!

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