Monday, July 19, 2010

Mooses, Turtles, and the flat.

Day 2: Idaho relaxed. Today is a beautiful day of riding: 40 miles to Cataldo, home of the Cataldo Mission. Task for the day: moose spotting. I have never understood the grammar of the English language. A goose is a goose: more than one goose: geese. So, a moose is a moose: why is more than one moose not a meese? Or mooses? Why are mice mice, not meece? or mices? Why is a mouse multiplied not meeces? I am so confused.

Anyway: after a breakfast of french toast with fresh strawberry rhubarb sauce, scrambled eggs, and all the trimmings, the tribe was off to their first day of riding. 40 miles on Washington was an easy day. 40 miles here; we have a few nervous tribe members. One rider was overheard saying that she had never ridden 40 miles on her bike! No fear fearless tribies: you'll do fine.

I love moose spotting while riding in Idaho. When we got into Cataldo and got set up, Jack and I finally got to ride. We back tracked the route and not a mile down the road: MOOSE! Whohooo! I saw a moose. Then, 2 1/2 miles down the trail: MOOSE! A big cow in the middle of a pond munching away, oblivious to a gaggle of ogling tribe members. Two moose in one day: a record for me.

The next record for me, or milestone as it may be, was my first flat tire in all my years of riding. NO lie! I have never had a flat. 1/2 mile from the last moose; a blow out on the front tire! Well, never having had a flat means that I have never had to fix one. Fortunately for me I persuaded Jack that this was a good time for a lesson on fixing a flat: he fixes it and I would learn. I learned. Another hour of riding and we turned home to feed the tribe.

Tonights dinner was; spicy cabbage salad, teriyaki chicken, basmati rice, peanut yam tofu, sauteed snap peas, brownies and cookies for dessert. I have new followers, thank you peanut yam tofu! Everyone made it into camp and had a great day of riding.

An after dinner stroll down the path yielded a box turtle digging out of his hiding space to cross the trail. Why did the turtle cross the trail? We shall never know.

Tomorrow a short ride into Kellogg where will will spend two days. A great ride tomorrow on the Hiawatha trail with options for other rides as well. See you tomorrow!

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