Monday, July 19, 2010

Way Relaxed!

It is going to take the whole trip for me to gear down to this relaxed stuff. I am still up at 5:00 for breakfast now at 7:00. I am still cooking too much food: albeit we cut down on the coffee today because we threw away 2/3 of the pot yesterday. Of course: what did we run out of first today? AHHHH. Sandwiches are done before breakfast and we have broken camp before the last dozen tribe members. Way too much time on my hands. Must get in trouble! Joking. I would never do that.

A Denver scramble, hash browns & breakfast potatoes fueled this tribe the whole 20 miles to Kellogg. 1/2 way there was the water stop: oops. Water stop grabbed lunch stops goodie box. Lunch stop had granola bars & bananas with their sandwiches. The poor tribe was confused. I'm munching on chips and cookies: aren't I at lunch? Am I there yet?

We got into Kellogg: a whole 7 miles on the freeway: did a quality control check at the local Subway, then headed to the local bike shop. New riding shorts for me, shoes & clips & pedals for Scott. This is going to be hilarious: Scott's first clips. Can't wait to see him screaming down the trail: and it won't be screaming fast! We also hooked Scott up with the son of the bike shop owner to go mountain biking tonight: another first on the tour! My only worry: one more expensive hobby. Ugh. Oh! I almost forgot to brag: Aaron took 2cnd in his age class and 15th overall at the Chelan Tri-athalon. Good job Aaron!

Dinner tonight is: caesar salad, fettucini with pesto chicken & artichoke hearts, eggplant marinara, sauteed zucchini, garlic bread & Oreo surprise for dessert.

Not too much else happening today: many moose sightings on the trail. The tribe is beginning to bond. More tomorrow. I'll let you know how Scott makes out.

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