Monday, June 21, 2010

The last supper

It's over, it's finished, you could say it's done! One more bike trip: wasn't it fun? Yes, all in all, it was. The ride over Cedar Breaks complete, we whipped up a big pasta dinner for the tribe: a pretty worn out tribe: held the final map meeting: served an early breakfast and headed for home.
Pictures are of the last map meeting at Willow Glenn, Cedar City Utah. The first picture if Ranger Tommy awarding the prize to our oldest lady rider.
Cudos to each and every rider on this tour. Cedar Breaks is a tough ride, and you did it! Special recognition should go to the two youngest riders: Carl 12, and Zach 13. Also to our oldest lady rider, climbing the climb at almost 80 years old. We can all hope to be so active and healthy! It is always interesting to see the age of our riders. Though the median is probably around 50, we have those riders in their 70's and 80's that completely astonish me. Every trip that Ranger Tommy does the youngest and oldest riders at the final map meeting I am continually amazed! It is also fun to see where everyone comes from. This trip we had a rider from France; a first for our tours!

The Willow Glenn B&B was a great place for the last night of the trip. The grounds are gorgeous, the showers hot, the Jacuzzi tub amazing. Thank you Ranger Tommy for the use of the Tree Room!
The menu the last night: marinated vegetable salad, fettucini with chicken & peppers in alfredo sauce, linguini with sundried tomatoes, pesto, greek olives & feta cheese, buttered noodles w/ parmesan cheese, fresh french bread, and gooey brownies for dessert. They ate ALOT! As well as eating record amounts of food, this group set new records for consumption of brewskies. 12 cases of beer lasted all of 3 1/2 nights. We had to resort to Utah beer: yuck at 3.2%. I was about to auction off the last bottle at dinner when a tribe member with that desperate, I need carbs and I want them in the form of a beer deer in the headlights look approached me. I gave in to compassion instead of cold hard cash. Makes for better fuel mileage not having to haul the beer home!

I look forward to this trip again next year. If you haven't ridden it: by all means do. If you have: it's worth riding again. Now, on to craziness starting in 3 weeks. Cycle Washington, Idaho Relaxed, Idaho Family & Colorado all back to back. Then on to Oregon, a few weeks, off, then Farm Fresh & Wine Country Special. Many days on the road, in a tent, feeding the tribe. I hope to see you there!

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