Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Left: dining arrangements at Hatch!

I was not exaggerating when I said someone may have moved into town! We were extremely surprised to see a Harley Cafe! A new business in Hatch! Can you believe it!

The morning shuttle went well. Jack and I drove around over to Long Island Junction to meet up with the crew. Jack drove, I slept. Normal. The weather has been great, and the ride today was well recieved. I will have pictures added to the blog when we get where we have internet: using the public expensive system at Bryce.

Breakfast this morning was hashbrowns and veggie scramble. We made record time out of the camp. I was able to do the necessary shopping at the local pottery store that I love so well. Katie: hope you enjoy you vase. It is by one of my favorite potters: she has a series of muses that intrigue me! This may have been on of the highlights of my trip. Been plotting this for months!

Dinner tonight was Honey spiced pork chops, eggplant & zucchini strata, bleau cheese chop salad, ranch style beans, stir fried zucchini and Nana's world famous rum cakes. Can you beleive that Mom is 87 and still baking up a storm? Awesome. Had requests for the pork chop recipe and the salad recipe. You can find the chop recipe under the Utah blogs, and I will post the salad recipe when I get home.

Today's glitch: the lift gate on the truck quit. Great. Penske step arobics at it's fullest. I will be sore tomorrow. But, how many years didn't we have a lift gate? Am I spoiled now? No, just out of shape. Sure it'll work tomorrow!?!

I got to feed the resident horses apples. Filled my "feed the critter craving" for a day or two. There must be a prarie dog somewhere! I'll find em.

On to Bryce Canyon and fish tacos. The riders don't know what they're in for. Oh, maybe they do.

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