Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Washington Side of Things

Bright and early, Zach!  (our youngest rider at 14) The staff meditating after a long day:  Jack: where did you park the luggage truck?  Mt. Adams, a view from our camp.  The new kind of laundry line.

Well, the shuttle across the Hood River Bridge went well, and our tribe was off to another gorgeous day of riding.  After yet another early breakfast, the tribe meandered down to the bridge, shuttled across, and started again from White Salmon.  (There really is a salmon that has white flesh: they are superior to the pink salmon: rare to catch!) They rode up Hwy 141 to BZ Corners where they made the choice to short cut into Trout Lake, or take the long way around.  Most took the long way, riding through the Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge to the town of Glenwood for an amazing cinnamon roll or fresh peach pie at the local diner. One brave soul admitted to a cinnamon roll, a piece of pie, and a huckleberry smoothy upon arriving in Trout Lake.  I rode this loop a couple of years ago on the Mt. Adams ride.  It is very scenic with a couple of long climbs.  Fortunately the weather was cool today: when I rode it it was in the 90's!  

A good afternoon for some r&r.  All in all an uneventful day, just another day of great riding.  We dined on BBQ'd pulled pork, Opa's sausages w/ sauerkraut, Curried carrot & raisin salad, apple & pecan coleslaw, baked Orzo w/ mushrooms, Quinoa stuffed tomatoes for the vegimites, green salad and dessert.  Somewhere along the way this week we had Angel Food Cake with home canned Colorado Peaches....can't remember when!  The week has gone by in kind of a blur!  It has been fun having Scott along with us this trip.  I really miss having my boys with us.  Matt is somewhere at 29 Palms, or better known as 29 Stumps, and Aaron is finishing up in Bellingham getting ready for his move to Missoula. 

Tomorrow's ride is a long one: 81.8 miles from Trout Lake to Stevenson, situated on the Columbia River.  They will leave camp, cross the Pacific Crest Trail two times, wind through the Mt. Adams Wilderness along the Lewis River and the Wind River.  The road is pretty desolate, very few cars.  It will be a great day of riding and then we will settle into camp at the fairgrounds in Stevenson.  The section of the Columbia River that we are on has the most constant winds in the United States.  It is a wind surfers paradise.  We will be sharing the camp ground with a paddling school: you can not believe the size of some of the boats!  8 man paddle boats.  There is a great brew pub: the Walking Man Brewery: in Stevenson that the tribe can hang out at, as well as a cute little quilt shop.  Ok, I'll hang out at the quilt shop.  There is a quilt fair here next month if you're interested! 

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  1. We loved, loved, loved the scones with jam for breakfast.

    What a luxury to have *three* salads in Trout Lake... I gorged on the carrot and raisin and the apple and pecan coleslaw, then went back for green salad... oh salad!!!

    Son Andreas loved the pulled pork and wants me to make it at home!