Thursday, July 28, 2011

Warm Showers

We belong to a group called "Warm Showers".  Essentially we make our home available to cyclists that are coming through the area and need a tent sight and shower, or floor space and a shower.  Our first guests arrived last week while cycling around the world.  Jack and Cliff are from England.  The crossing of the US is their last leg in their adventure.  We were privileged to have them stay for two nights as they kicked off their ride.  We provided floor space and showers, and of course I had to cook.  Had to cause it's what I do!  We treated them to a bbq of steaks and fresh corn, and the second night curried chicken & vegetables. Jack rode with them the first day to the little town of Darrington.  The second day of their ride we decided to catch back up with them and take them lunch.  We had a heck of a time finding them.  They were to ride to the top of Washington Pass that day, but detoured into the visitor center in New Halem for a few hours. They were quite surprised to see us! They have a great gps system that tracks their where a bouts every ten minutes, so we get to follow them across the states.  They are roughly following the Northern Tier Route, so if you're along the route keep an eye out for them!  Good luck guys!

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