Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Last Two Days

The Pig of Trout Lake.  The last supper of Fajitas. Camping on the Columbia. Getting ready for the last ride.  The Bridge of the Gods.

So: what's with the pig?  We found, thanks to one our tribe, the best thing to see in Trout Lake.  The pig.  We don't know her name, but boy is she cute!  When in Trout Lake, go to the Post Office and turn left.  Follow the road for about 1/4 of a mile and look to the left.  As you slow down the Little Pig will run from the barn to greet you at the fence.  Attached to the fence is a cooler with a sign that say, "open me". Inside you will find doggie treats for the Little Pig.  Watch your fingers!  She knows the routine: pigs are smart! What better to do than feed critters!

Ok, Ok.  I took awhile to update this post.  Been busy!  And procrastinated a whole bunch.  
The tribe had a great last night together, then got up early and headed out across the Bridge of the Gods back to the Oregon side of things.  I rode this day a couple of years ago, but made the boys shuttle me across the bridge.  It has a grated deck and I don't do well with the whole high up thing.  Congrats to everyone who rode it!  The ride on this day is great.  You hop on a bike trail after the bridge, through the town of Cascade Locks, up a stairwell equipped with bike wheel-groove, then ride the scenic Columbia River Highway for miles.  It wanders along the forest and passes a few water falls.  The most impressive of these is the Multnomah Falls.  After the falls they ride up switch backs to the Vista House Crown Point for a gorgeous overview of the Columbia River.  Then, down to the town of Corbett.  Corbett is renowned with cyclists for their dislike of bicycles.  There is a man there that tacks the roads whenever a ride is coming through.  It is said that Cycle Oregon sent him on a fully paid vacation for the week that the Oregon ride came through.  The last year that we rode this we had 17 flats going through the town.  Really nice place.  The ride ended back in Gresham with lunch and final goodbye's.  It was a great ride! Good job to everyone for completing a difficult, yet beautiful week of riding! We hope to see you next year!

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