Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The tribe relaxing with goat cheese appetizers & beer! My new catering truck! My kinda mail box. Goat cheese from Chrissy Omo!

It's April! April showers! We got hit with a thunderous storm around two Monday morning, then sunshine again for the ride to Blanco and then from Blanco to Fredericksburg. A gorgeous day for a ride! Rolling hills and a spattering of wild flowers. The tribe had a great day and rolled into town for a beer at the brewery and into camp for a dinner of curried chicken, peanut yam tofu, spicy noodle salad and basmati rice. Chocolate cake for dessert. Last year at this camp a couple or errant tribe members happened upon the cakes I had baked for dessert the next day and helped themselves to a snack! No bad tribe members this year!

Speaking of showers: you don't realize how fortunate you are with your home shower until you spend a couple of weeks on the road. We have seen it all. One of the first Cycle Washington's we had no showers in New Halem. Tom hung shower bags in the trees and everyone showered with mother nature. Mountain Breeze campground two nights ago was interesting! Wood slat floors and shower heads jutting out of pvc pipe running along the ceiling. Quite a few of the schools have the push button, 1 minute jobbers. Quite a few of the schools don't fire up their boilers and the showers are anything but warm. Chilling. One night in Harrison, Idaho, the showers are $1.00 per minute. The pay box is outside of the shower. The trick is to pay, run, shower, pay, run, shower. Cycle Utah, in Panguitch at the fair grounds, we share the showers. Men one hour, women the next. Tammy has bought showers curtains more than once to accommodate the women. The showers at the campground in Cataldo, Idaho, are in a trailer. More exposed pvc pipe and only one temperature. HOT! We have had showers that dribble, showers that will blast you out of the room. We have had showers that I refuse to use. I'll smell like a pork chop, thank you.

Today's ride is an optional ride out to Enchanted Rock. Quite a few of the tribe members opted to sag out and ride back. Many of the tribe took advantage of the off day and trecked into Fredericksburg for a day of exploring the town. The Nimitz Museum is a whole day of exploring in itself!

So we're off to town to re-up on diet coke and beer. Beer for the tribe, not us. Fried pickles for us!

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