Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kathy Goes Boom

Frolicking in the Pedernales: the final gathering of the Texas tribe: the final supper.

What better way to follow up a gorgeous day in the hill country?  I decided it was to trip going down the path after the tribe went to bed for the night.  I managed to skin both my knees, my right elbow, strain the ribs on my left side, and re-invent the colors black and blue.  No, Kevin, when you saw me stumble onto my tent attempting to go to bed it wasn't for too many glasses of wine!  I was in pain.  And continue to be so.  What a klutz!  I won't be wearing a skirt any time soon!

The tribe did have a gorgeous day for a ride!  Very consistent ups and downs today.  Some wildflowers, not nearly as lush as last year, but still beautiful.  We had a couple tribe members try and get lost more than once, but eventually they made it to camp.  I don't envy the staff having to keep tabs on 50+ cyclists.  A great responsibility and a great job done by this ACA staff.

A large percent of the tribe opted to spend the afternoon frolicking in the Pedernales River: it was hot outside and the river felt so good!  I won't mention the snakes that I saw slithering along the bank of the river by their swimming hole.  Or the snapping turtles.

The tribe gathered for a final map meeting and awards ceremony, followed by a dinner of honey spiced pork chops, green salad with Chrissy's goat cheese, red potatoes,  fresh carrots and green beans, zucchini, spinach & eggplant strata with feta & parmesan cheeses, and marbled cream cheese cakes for dessert.

So it was up early the last morning, limp and gimp around camp, load up, say farewells and head for home.  A long trip home!  4 days in the big yellow truck.  We, (Jack really), battled 45+ mph headwinds all the way across Texas, Colorado and Wyoming.  Moral was not too good when the gas gauge registered 3mpg.

We're home for a month and then head to Utah for Cycle Utah, then immediately on to Montana for Cycle Montana.  It will be great to see Ranger Tommy and crew, and Tony and Montana Annie!  Utah is almost full, and there's still room on Montana!  For more summer fun take a look at Cycle the Gorge and the Oregon Coastal Odyssey!  What better way to vacation but on your bike!  See ya!

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