Monday, April 11, 2011

Quack and Scream!

Kevin and his crew:hard at work? My duck buddy: the evil creepy crawly thing that wanted to eat me: not a good sign when the van pulls in: who's watching you at camp?

OK. I love critters. I love to feed critters. I hate creepy, crawly, slithery things with weird colors and fangs that want to chomp me. Here at Blanco State Park, tonight's overnight, I have encountered evil geese (see this ride last year!) and really cute ducks. The ducks returned for a handout or two and the geese (yeah) where nowhere to be found. Today I encountered a creepy, crawly, slithery, science fiction picture show wanna be in the sink in our kitchen. I screamed. I made Jack put it in a cup and let it loose outdoors. It contemplated coming back into the kitchen but then changed it's mind. Do things like this actually have a mind???? I am not sleeping in my tent!!

Jack googled this thing and found that it is a red headed centipede. It has a red head and antenna type thingies, large red fangs (OK, I'm making that one up), a black body and fifty million (not quite) yellow legs. Look at the not so good picture above! We don't have things like that in Washington. We have slugs. Slugs are cute; harmless to humans and animals. This thing is potentially dangerous to dogs, young children, and the elderly. Probably to slugs. I'm going home.

OK, Kevin, I won't go home until Friday; today was a much better ride day for our tribe. Yesterday was, as I might have mentioned, really hard. But everyone made it into camp, ate dinner, cleaned up, and were on the road again this morning! Good job tribe! Today was a lot of ups and downs and in the afternoon a good headwind. Is there such a thing, really? OK: it was a headwind.

We are at Blanco State Park, situated on the Blanco River. It is so beautiful here! We were saddened to hear that this is one of 7 state parks in Texas that may close due to budget cuts. Hopefully this can be rectified. We have a pavilion with a full kitchen! I got to make brownies and chocolate cakes for tomorrow night! The tribe has seems to have gotten their appetite back: they feasted on a Greek vegetable & quinua salad, broccoli salad, roast pork with mushroom pan gravy, steamed yellow potatoes, homemade apple sauce and fresh baked brownies for dessert. It really was yumm. Hearty, old fashioned, home cooking, yumm.

Tomorrow's ride is on Farm to Market Roads and into Johnson City, then on to the Lynden B. Johnson Ranch. After a tour, the tribe makes their way to Fredericksburg. Beer and fried pickles for all! Really, they are so good!

We will hopefully take possession of our coveted goat cheese from Chrissy Omo, in the morning and then make our way to prepare dinner for our tribe in Fredericksburg. Rebecca Rather will be joining us, and no, my BFF Susan, I am not obsessing over this. Well, maybe a little. Ask Jack. He'll tell you.

Another day done; sorry ya'll aren't here to share this with us. (Did you know: you can use ya'll 3 times in one sentence???? Our waiter did the other night! I was amazed.) Night Ya'all.

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