Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Bikes at the hotel: Kevin "hard at work" once again! A view on the ride: Door of an old church: Sue Anne and Rich "hard at work". What's up with this staff?

Another amazing day for a bike ride in the country! Out of the cactus and choyas and onto rolling hills skirting gentleman ranches and vineyards. One of the buildings at the winery where lunch stop was set up was originally built as a brothel!

No wind: the last couple of years the wind has been, at times, ferocious. The weather was warm: hot in the late afternoon, but not unbearable.

The tribe rolled into the hotel in Tombstone and were treated to air-conditioned rooms and a sparkling blue pool. This was a great change from the camp ground we used to use! After a shower and a beer (or two) the tribe hoofed it into town to experience the history of the old, old west. This is the place that the movies were made about: Doc Holiday and Wyatt Erp ruled the town. Or at least they thought so: Big Nosed Kate was really in charge! The Big Nosed Kate Saloon is on top of the tourist things to see, along with the old graveyard and the OK Corral.
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, built in 1882, is still standing and used for it's original purpose.

Dinner tonight was: Southwestern wedge salad, honey spiced pork chops, corn on the cob, yukon gold potatoes, cowboy beans and Texas pecan pie bars for dessert. The tribe cleaned up: the four pecan bars left were consumed this morning for breakfast!

After a refreshing night in the hotel the tribe dined on a breakfast of build your own breakfast burritos and fried potatoes. On to Bisbee for two days: wait till you see pictures of this odd town!

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