Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lieutenant Colonel Underpants & the Missing Port a Potty Mystery

LC Underpants & his fearless port a potty crew! Rich & Sue Anne, refueling after a hard day. Kevin! The tribe at dinner in Bisbee

We have a new hero in our ranks! Arriving at the park in Bisbee to set up for two days we were horrified to find that all of the pipes had broke in the restrooms over the winter and the city has of yet not fixed them! 50 people and one toilet! Oh No! What to do?!?

Leave it to Lieutenant Colonel Underpants (aka: Fearless Leader Dave) to save the day! A regiment of 15 minutes guys, 15 minutes gals, a potty pass and some very understanding tribe members, we survived until LC Underpants could wrangle a couple of port a potties! By dinner time all was well and things were moving along! Good job LC Underpants!

What a way to end a day of beautiful riding! After a breakfast of build your own breakfast burritos, everyone made it up the last little hill, showered and made time to explore Bisbee. Bisbee is a mining town: it is built on the edge of the Copper Queen Mine. An extremely eclectic community: the houses are built into the hillsides and staircases snake their way up and around the hills. STEEP staircases. Bisbee hosts and annual SOS (save our staircases) run that encompasses the majority of the stairs and streets. It has grown to attract thousands! Bisbee is also home to: the Bisbee Bicycle Brothel (housed in an original brothel), a fabulous brewery; St. Elmo's:the oldest bar in Arizona; great restaurants; antique shops & galleries. For the "off" day tribe members are wandering the streets and stairs or riding out to a wild life preserve about 20 miles outside of town. Sand Hill Cranes winter here and two years ago I identified 3 species of owls. Pretty cool.

This is such an awesome tribe: so appreciative of everything! Haven't had a whiner yet! Not that we ever have any of those!

Dinner tonight was: tossed greens & vegetable salad: spicy noodle & cabbage salad: curried chicken & vegetables; peanut yam tofu: basmati rice: steamed green beans: and Nana's amazing rum cakes for dessert. (Every year older Nana gets the more rum ends up in the cake!)

So off to town for some exploring and pictures, then back to work. Tomorrow's St. Patrick's Day: any guesses at what's for dinner tomorrow night?

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