Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Day Off

The Bicycle Brothel: a sign on the side of a restaurant, (what this tribe does best!), my kind of spider web, stairs!

What a great day off! ( For the tribe, at least. ) The tribe feasted on a breakfast of spinach & mushroom scramble, bacon & all the trimmings, then made their way into town for more coffee and exploring. Part of the tribe opted to ride out to the wildlife preserve, almost all downhill, and shuttle back; part of the tribe opted to shuttle out and ride back, almost all uphill. I'm thinking the second group may not have been quite awake when they made their plans!

Jack and I wandered through town, visited the Bicycle Brothel and a few shops. The Brothel is really cool: more of a bike memorabilia museum than an actual bike shop. You could spend hours leafing through the books and pictures, ogling the collection of bikes and paraphernalia.

We arrived back to camp to prepare a feast for our weary tribe. Broccoli salad, apple poppy seed Waldorf salad, Caesar salad, grilled New York steaks, steamed potatoes and more rum cakes & strawberry rhubarb sauce for dessert. After dinner part of the staff and a bunch of the tribe headed into town for the pre-St. Patrick's day pub crawl. They made it to the oldest bar in Arizona, the smallest bar in Arizona, (3 seats), and the newest brewery in Arizona. I'm not sure if they had to crawl home, but I wouldn't have wanted to face those stairs!

Unfortunately, we had a couple leave the ride due to a medical emergency: our best wishes are with them!

Thursday's St. Patty's Day ride is a pretty easy jaunt through the country back to Tombstone where we will have our final map meeting and dinner for the week. Friday will be a quick ride to Benson and then on to a shuttle back to Tucson. (Hillary: you do have to go through a border patrol check, be nice to the guys!) ((Last year on her way to this ride Hillary was stopped at the check point in Western Arizona and had her vehicle completely taken apart and searched. Can't help but keep giving her a bad time.))

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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