Sunday, April 7, 2013



So here we are...another bike trip in Texas!  After a week on the road Jack made his way to San Antonio and I flew back in on Wednesday.  We spent to crazy days re- outfitting the truck and getting ready for a great week of feeding the tribe!  During our stay in San Antonio I got to visit the Bistro on Broadway, a great venue if you get the chance, and sought out some great sushi.  On Friday we made a final run to Costco and head to Sysco for a HUGE order!  This tribe is going to have to have an appetite.  The weather is looking to be good for the week, not too hot, not too cold!

So I have to fess up to a little boo boo on my part.  Jack had booked a rental car for me as I flew into Austin and wanted to have a car for the week to be able to run around, pick up Jim, and get back to the airport.  All went well, I got into Austin, found the Hertz desk and picked up the phone as you don't get to talk face to face with a real person anymore.  I finalized the details and said sure to the question posed, "Do you want insurance on the car?"  Mistake.  They hit me with every possible piece of coverage available.  When I got into San Antonio I told Jack that with the insurance the car was expensive: twice what I though it was going to be.  No, he said.  The car is already paid for.  UhOh
The insurance was twice the price of the car.  I think we need to dent it to get our moneys worth.  It's the last time Jack lets me get a car.

Our leader and staff on this trip, all but one, are new to us.  So, it will be an Adventure for us as well as them!  We have a pretty large percentage of new riders to us as well, but our dear friend Hillary is riding!  Yeah Hillary!  Our friend Jim, from Baltimore, has joined us for a week of dishwashing....I don't know many people that would take a week of vacation to wash dishes!

On our way to set up at the Lazy L&L campground we stopped at a little corner burger joint...oh my gosh the burgers were good!  The signs above were on the outside wall... I thought they were cute!  We met up with our new leader Greg and his staff and got the truck ready to roll.  The trip started on Saturday with the first map meeting and introductions all around.  Our first ride day is Sunday and I will post more when we get into Fredericksburg on Monday!

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