Sunday, April 8, 2012

Signs along the way

The first night's menu: Jack WORKING ON THE LUGGAGE TRUCK:  Ok, what's wrong with this picture? The neighbors digs and ours; think I'm in the wrong line of work...or maybe not...who wants that much responsibility?  Texas On The Plate: a great cook book and our mentor for this shall prove interesting!  Hey Hillary!  She is a regular on our tours and we love her so much!

With Arizona completed, 2 weeks at home, we now are finding our way to Texas.  Not unlike Plains, Trains & Automobiles, we headed to the airport, flew to Phoenix, then Tucson, took a shuttle to Cactus Country Camp Ground and picked up the big yellow truck.  Less 1/2 a tank of diesel.  Hmmmm.....Jack had a point about not filling up before we left.

We headed across Arizona, spent the night in Las Cruces, New Mexico with Tammy and Catherine, then spent a longggggg day on the road to San Antonio to spend two nights with Isabel.  Fortunately, the border patrol wasn't interested in us and the Sheriff was no where to be found.  I worked on a quilt and Jack drove, and drove, and drove.  I had to get a kick out of some of the signs that we saw along the way:  One convenience store off the highway had in huge letters:
Ok, do they fry their chicken in diesel?  If so, I don't think so. Did they forget a punctuation mark? If so, I would still be afraid to stop.
One bar had a sign that said: Jed's bbq: we cook almost anything.  Don't think I'm eating there any time soon.  The restaurant/shack next to it said; crawfish boil: bring your own bottle.  Great neighborhood.

We arrived at Isabel's early Wednesday evening, parked the big yellow truck, and went in search of a glass of wine until she was done tutoring.  I was introduced to a side of Texas that I was not familiar with: cross walks bear no meaning to a Texan in a vehicle.  I was nearly run over trying to cross the street: IN A MARKED CROSS WALK: almost didn't have a cook for this trip.  We did have great appetizers at the Bistro on Broad Street in San Antonio: great great  food!

After a day of procuring food at Costco, Sysco and the local HEB grocery store, we were ready to have an afternoon of fun.  Well, for me.  Isabel and Jack were good sports and made sure I had my quilt store fix: 1/2 an hour up to Kerrville to an amazing quilt shop.  Of course, someone in the shop knew Isabel: a trait that will follow us through this trip!

Friday afternoon found us up river from New Braunfels, at the Lazy L& L camp ground to start our tour.
What a nice camp ground: but it is Easter weekend and my gosh everything is packed!  This is a huge holiday with the Hispanic community and everyone and their tenth cousin is out.

We arrived around noon on Friday and set up camp.  Friday night was staff night out, then everything kicked in on Saturday.  The tribe trickled in all day long, had registration at 3:30, then the first map meeting and dinner.  We were excited to see quite a few riders from long ago, and not so long ago.  Hello Hillary!  You all probable know her by now!  She is part of the family.

Dinner on Saturday was a green salad with a fresh cilantro dressing: honey spiced pork chops: hot German potato salad, glazed carrots, white bean ragout, watermelon and gourmet cookies for dessert.  The meal was a hit, and we're off!  We will update tomorrow on our trip  into Blanco.....Happy Easter!

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