Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rather Sweet No More.........

Poblano chili peppers on the grill: a great Texas cook book: the cemetery in Fredericksburg, built in 1884: puppies out for a ride: one of the children's graves at the cemetery: the old grist mill in town.

It has been a ritual to visit the Rather Sweet Bakery in Fredericksburg: I wrote quite a lot about it last year and got to spend some time visiting with the owner, Rebecca Rather.  We were so disappointed to find that she has closed up shop!  As well, so were the riders 'cause we had talked up her amazing cinnamon rolls.  Now we will have to go in search of another great venue.

The New cook book that I picked up: the Second Edition of the Texas Hill Country Wine & Paradise:  should help us on this search.  I would love to take a couple of weeks and tour from venue to venue that the author, Terry Thompson-Anderson, has highlighted!  I would also love to be here during the peach harvest, but not too sure about the heat and humidity!

The weather for this trip has been holding steady: partially overcast but warm and humid every day.  No rain, and no extreme heat!  It has been great!  The tribe seems to have settled into a routine peddling through the farm roads lined with gorgeous flowers!  There is the occasional sheep, goat, or cow to avoid.  But, that makes it all the more fun!

When we set up camp in Fredericksburg we got to work preparing a great dinner of Texas Wedge Salad, potato salad, smoked beef brisket with assorted bbq sauces, homemade spicy mac and cheese (YUMM!), and Nana's rum cakes for dessert.  The mac and cheese was a great new addition to the menu!

We are at this camp ground for 3 nights: a treat for me and Jack: we don't have to set up and break down the kitchen for 3 days! Plus there are great showers and clean bathrooms!  Always appreciated!

Day 4 found the tribe riding the Little Switzerland Loop along the Old Mason Road and the Gypsum Mine Road. It was a  great 38.3 (give or take) miles with some pretty good ups and downs.  The hills here can be long and steep with little or no visibility over the top until you are at the top.  Makes it interesting & challenging to pass riders on the uphill.

Dinner day 4 was fajita night: seasoned beef & peppers, tofu & peppers, refried beans, spanish rice, and all the trimmings. As well, we featured our debut of a poblano chili relleno casserole. Oh my gosh it was good! Took awhile to roast and skin the poblanos, but nothing compared to the Red Fish!  It was a perfect night for mexican!  Many of the tribe headed for the shuttle after dinner to hit the town and find the beer.  Not they are at a loss for beer in camp: this tribe has done some serious damage to the beer cooler!

Day 5 was another day in paradise: another great ride out to Enchanted Rock State Park with and optional loop to Willow City.  We have heard that the inhabitants of Willow City aren't too friendly; unusual for Texas, but I guess they get a ton of cyclist through that area.  At least they don't tack the road!  And yes, there are wonderful people out there that do that.  Not nice.

Dinner tonight is broccoli salad, coleslaw, Opa's Country Style Sausages with sauerkraut, bbq'd pulled pork, potato salads, steamed asparagus........the list just goes on.

The week has gone by very quickly.  Our last night is tomorrow night at Perdanales Falls State Park.  It should be the best day for wildflowers.  I hope to get some great pics.

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