Saturday, June 14, 2014

Will you........

The tribe was up bright and early this morning for a leisurely breakfast and coffee before trekking off for a group hike in Bryce Canyon.  The weather was gorgeous and spirits were high.  The camp emptied out and Jack and I got cleaned up, packed up and headed back down to Panguitch.

 I did have to take the opportunity to share a full bag of mixed nuts (not salt or fat added) with the two REALLY CUTE chipmunks that had been checking us out all morning.  We sat for about a half an hour laughing at their antics.  One chubby little fellow had a hiding spot close to where we were and was able to stuff his little cheeks full and make many many trips back and forth.  The other poor little guy couldn't quite match the quantity as Chubby and he had much further to go: he would run over to a split rail fence, scurry up, run one length on the bottom rail, one length on the middle rail, and then about 8 more lengths on the top rail till he reached his stash.  He would repeat the route in reverse, the exact same number of rails at each level each way.  I could have sat there every day.

We finally made our way to Panguitch and found the quilt show.  I spent an hour wandering in awe viewing all of the amazing quilts.  People came from as far as Las Vegas to show their works.

After the show we made our way to the camp ground to set up for the night.  I have not stayed at this camp ground in a few years and was happy to find it much improved and almost full! The previous owner wasn't a customer service kind of guy and for the last few years I have been on this tour we stayed elsewhere and the campground always looked empty.  One of the big changes are these really cool canvas yurt kind of things that we have never seen before and were itching to find out what the story is!  I mentioned to Daryl how great things looked and he told me the new owner was doing a great job, a real people person, and from Washington State.  I had to find out more!

I met the owner a few minutes later and introduced myself and asked him where in Washington he was from.  He said that he retired four years ago and moved down front the town of Sedro Wooley.  Interesting, I said.  My family lives near there in the little community of Bow.  Names?  Yes, he knew my sister and her husband well.  Small world!

What we did find out about the Yurt looking things are that they are owned by a European company that rents the space from the KOA.  They have 3 rooms: a sitting/kitchen room with a microwave, cook stove & refrigerator: then two bed rooms.  One size sleeps 8, one 6, and one 4.  The company that owns them puts together package deals for people to fly into San Francisco, have a rental car, and tour the canyons staying in these lodgings.  When they are not full the KOA can rent them out to their guests.  They are less expensive than a hotel room and they are really cool!

The tribe started coasting in, (it's almost all downhill from Bryce), and we started getting ready for dinner.  Pasta night.  Except I forgot to order the pesto from my supplier.  Strike two this week:  menu change once again.  Pasta was still on but I had to figure out another sauce for the vegimites.  We went from a light pesto sauce to a really delicious, rich and creamy, super alfredo sauce with three cheeses and mega veggies.  Pair that with a meat filled red sauce, tossed green salad, garlic bread and raspberry shortcake for dessert.  Yumm.

Daryl had asked me earlier if I could get a cake for a special occasion for tonight.  I held back a laugh.  We are in Panguitch.  One grocery store. They don't even have a watermelon.  I could get ho ho's or twinkies.  And why do we need a cake?

While on the hike in Bryce one young rider surprised his girlfriend by proposing.  He said that if she could put up with him for three years and three bike trips together he'd better ask.  Congrats you two!

The tribe headed to bed early as tomorrow is the big climb and screaming downhill.  Everyone is hoping the wind is their friend.  Not looking too good with the forecast.  Wait and see.

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