Monday, September 19, 2011

The Rest of the Ride

Isabelle enjoying a roasted marshmallow: a view of the Pacific Beach: tribe members gathered around the campfire: Jack's t-shirt of the day: Fajitas at Beachside State Park, a favorite dinner of the tribe: I don't think this tent's going back to ACA: we have to stay "plugged in"! : Cycle Oregon road mark: Isabelle's water stop mascot (I have no idea where she found this!): the Oregon Coast Bike Route.

Remember the phrase, "better late than never?" I'm making the most of it with this posting.  I tend to procrastinate once in awhile, but I have hit new records with this one!  After being absorbed in rest of the ride in Oregon, I headed home a day early to cater a wedding on Saturday that I had committed to over a year ago.  I left Jack and the boys to finish up Friday and Saturday, and I heard they did a great job.  Following the wedding I got caught up in everyday life of unloading the truck, canning my head off 'cause the garden is in full swing, helping my mom as she "tipped over" and broke her wrist, driving to Montana to get Aaron settled in his apartment for grad school, and getting prepared for the Sierra Sampler tour that we are now on.  So, let's finish up with Oregon!

The tribe left Lincoln City bright and early on Wednesday morning to ride a gorgeous day on their bikes along the Pacific Coast.  Lot's of ups and downs, through Depoe Bay, Devils Punch Bowl, the town of Newport where many of the tribe took time off to tour the Oregon Coast Aquarium, then down through Waldport to Beachside State Park where we camped for the night.  This camp ground is right on the beach, so much beach combing took place.  We took Miss Ruby Dew for a romp in the surf.  She found a piece of  bull kelp and we played fetch for a half an hour.

Thursday morning the tribe headed South again along the coast, some stopping to visit the Sea Lion Caves.  Another fabulous day for a ride!  We stopped at the water stop, about a quarter mile off of the highway down a steep hill to the beach.  I thought it would be fun to run up the hill; need some training!  We stopped in Florence for a couple of quilt shops and some clam chowder, then headed to Honeyman State Park for the night.  Jack hopped on the bike while I prepared dinner, the boys explored the sand dunes.  Following a great night of curry the tribe lit a big bon fire and roasted marshmallows till the wee hours.  This has been a great group that has bonded really well!

Friday morning was the off day, and I believe only one rider opted to ride the optional out and back.  The majority of the tribe headed off to paddle kayaks down the river.  One was even treated to a surprise dip in the water.  Dumped the kayak I think.  Scott and Marquis tagged along and I guess it was quite the comedy show.  They paddled in circles for about the first hour!  I headed home on Friday and left Jack and the boys to fare for themselves with preparing a dinner of bbq pulled pork, cowboy beans, Opa's smoked sausages & Knockwurst.  We are almost through the cases of sausages that I brought home from Texas.  Time to head down South and refill the freezer.

This was a great trip.  Pete did a really good job of organizing the tour and finding great extras for the tribe.  The staff went all out and were a lot of fun.  Thank you all for a great time!  I think the last day went well, as everyone headed up over the mountain and back to Eugene.  Hopefully to be seen on an ACA tour in the future!

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